Tips for throwing a kids birthday party

There will be a stage in most parents’ lives when they need to throw a kids birthday party. Often children won’t want this when they’re too young or too old, but when they are between the ages of about six to nine is when it’s most common. It’s a great chance for them to invite all their friends from school and celebrate their birthday. As a parent, this can feel a bit overwhelming with you wondering just how you can make sure it’s a success and also keep the costs down. If your little one is wanting to throw a birthday party, London Mums have put together some top tips that should make it all feel that little bit less overwhelming.

Kids playing at a Birthday Party

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What are some top tips for throwing a kids birthday party?


Consider where you want to host it 


The first thing you need to think about when throwing a kids birthday party is where you want to host it. The location can have a big impact on the cost and also the amount of people you are able to have attend, so keep this in mind. One of the first places a lot of people consider is hiring out a hall such as the town hall or a local church hall. This can be less expensive than other options and you can also be allowed more children to attend. Other options include your house – if it’s big enough – this is a free option but requires more work! Or a venue such as a soft play or a trampoline park can always be a great idea!


Open gifts when you get home


One of the best things about having a birthday party as a child is the amount of fantastic gifts you get. If you are buying for a child, be sure to look online for an age appropriate gift such as from this 9 year old gift guide. Yet if your child opens all their gifts at the party it can mean things get lost, other children want to play with and open them and you can lose track of who gave what. Instead, it saves a lot of hassle by saving the presents until you get home and is a nice thing to do as a family, looking at the presents all together.


Think about activities they can do


When throwing a party, you need to decide if you want some activities that the kids can take part in. You might want to hire entertainment such as a magician or someone who makes balloon animals. You could also think about activities such as games like musical statues, musical chairs or pass the parcel – it tends to be that the traditional games are the most fun! Think about these activities ahead of time and have a plan in place for if these are completed way ahead of time. For example, make a couple of spare pass the parcels or have some board games ready. 


Set a budget


The cost of throwing a party can very quickly add up, when you consider hiring a venue, the decorations, the food and everything  else in between. Because of this, try to set a budget that you can stick to – this will make planning it a lot easier and you’re less likely to overspend. Think about what you would like to serve food and drink wise, opting to buy things in bulk, or just doing snacks instead of a large spread. By having a budget in mind you’re also more likely to shop around for things such as the venue and the decorations as opposed to just going for the first choice and you will be more aware of what there is to spend for each different part of the party. It’s a good idea to have some emergency cash too just in case something comes up that you might not have thought of!


Be mindful of the date and time you decide to throw it


The date and time you throw your party can have a big impact on how many people are able to make it and you want to ensure it has a good turn out. Throw it on a weekend around lunchtime as this is when most kids will be able to make it and parents will be able to bring them and perhaps stay to help. Try not to make it last longer than a couple of hours as not only will it become a bit much for you to entertain everyone for that long, but it could also mean some parents can’t come and help. If you throw it in the school holidays ensure you have a way to send reminders to parents so they don’t forget! 


Plan in advance


Kids birthday parties can take a lot longer to plan and put together than you might think. This is why it’s a good idea to plan as far in advance as you can. It will also enable parents to put it in their diaries and for more people to be able to attend. The earlier you get everything together, the more chance you have of getting things such as the venue and other suppliers you want too, as they’re less likely to be sold out or booked up. You can also keep an eye in the sales for items such as decorations that you might not be able to get if you were to throw the party last minute.


Select a theme


A theme can be a great thing to add to your child’s birthday, but make sure to plan it well enough in advance and ensure you execute it well. There are a host of themes you can choose from, from a simple fancy dress party, to deciding on something such as a Hawaiian theme, princesses and princes, super heroes or more. Why not check out Pinterest or other sites for some ideas on what to do as the theme for your kids birthday party? There are sure to be a host of fantastic ideas here! 


Serve traditional food


When it comes to the food at a kids party, sometimes the traditional food tends to be the best – and it’s often not too expensive either. Opt for things such as homemade sandwiches with an array of fillings, cucumber and carrot sticks, crisps and cakes with juice and water on offer to drink. You can buy these in bulk and there is sure to be something that all the different kids will like. Be sure to find out any dietary requirements and allergies in advance!


Decide if you want parents to stay and help or not


Some people like other parents to stay and help as they are grateful for the extra hands, whereas others prefer not to. Decide ahead of time what you would like and include it on the invitations. The age of your child can also be a variable in this as some parents of younger children might like to attend.


A child likely won’t have a lot of large birthday parties as the costs can rack up and the amount of organisation that goes into them can take a lot of time. So when you throw a party for them, ensure you are as prepared as possible and it’s something they will really enjoy and remember for years to come. Have you recently thrown a kids birthday party? If so, what are some of the top tips you followed to ensure it all went smoothly? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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