Keeping it hands-free: 6 Reasons for hiring a full-time service event caterer

I am a big fan of house parties but often the catering side of things stresses me out because, as an Italian, I want my guests to enjoy food and drinks as much as the entertainment. Regardless of the size of my event, I believe in outsourcing. Hiring a catering service can make a big difference in the party experience. Parties are supposed to be fun, but when you are the host and are responsible for everything, you may not get to enjoy yourself as you should. Fortunately, there are various companies to choose from regarding food service. Below are six reasons why I will hire a caterer for my next event.

Save Yourself A Lot of Time

Throwing a party takes a lot of preparation, especially if it is a large event. Stamford Catering Services can save you a lot of time by helping you with the menu preparations, food set-up, and service. You can enjoy yourself and ensure your guests are properly fed and served throughout the evening.

Offers Guests Various Options to Choose From

Many people are limited in their abilities to cook various items, especially when it comes to an important event, and it is not the best time to try new recipes. Caterers are experienced when it comes to versatile dishes and are capable of coming up with a special menu to elevate your event.

Save Money

Throwing a party can get rather expensive, especially since you have to rent or buy the equipment, decorations, and food. Save yourself money and a lot of time by hiring a caterer because they already have the majority of the equipment and table decorations. Caterers also have a relationship with wholesalers, so they will be able to purchase the ingredients at lower prices than the grocery store.

Stress Level

Parties are very stressful for the host. However, it does not have to be. A catering company can handle the decorations, preparations, cooking, serving guests, replenishing food items, and will clean up after the event. The host will be able to enjoy the evening with their guests in celebrating whatever the event calls for. As a host, you will not have to worry about having enough ice for drinks or getting the oven temperature ready for cooking the meal. You can simply rest assured your guests are being taken care of and your event is going smoothly.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Not everyone likes to host a party at their home. Deciding to have a catered party at a different venue allows the host and their family to maintain their privacy, as well as having a lot of space for guests to freely move around. It also eliminates any awkward feelings of having guests or co-workers at your home or the office.

Cooking for a Large Crowd Has its Challenges

Cooking for an intimate party is possible, but cooking for a large crowd can be very challenging and intimidating. Many people do not have the proper kitchen space, equipment, and the energy to cook and execute a successful dinner party. Instead, let the catering company worry about the details while you mingle with your guests and enjoy the event. Professional caterers will bring enough staff members to make the event as smooth as possible.

Hosting an event is a lot of fun, but it can be very overwhelming as well. To simplify things, hire a food service company to make your vision come to life. Work with them regarding the menu, drinks, and the service you would like. For example, buffet service is ideal for feeding a large crowd, whereas plated service is great for formal events.

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