How to wow your guests this Christmas time

With Christmas just a few days away, we’re all panicking about how to make our houses look and feel fabulous to really wow our guests. While it can be easier said than done to make our festive abodes look like something out of a George Michael video, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to really delight the senses of your guests, from beautiful decorations to delicious recipes.  Here are a few tips on how to wow your guests this Christmas time.


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Cook up a storm

While the internet is awash with the perfect Christmas dinner recipes, you could try something a little different – particularly where the canapes are concerned. Expecting a guest who’s something of a Grinch? Give them something that is bound to make even the biggest of Scrooges smile – the Grinch canape. All you’ll need is a marshmallow, a few strawberries, some grapes and a banana, accompanied by a cocktail stick. Start by popping the marshmallow on top for a Santa hat bobble. Then for the main body of the hat, skew a strawberry, followed by a banana slice to make the rim of the hat and finally a grape, giving you the perfect Grinch’s face. Voila. A healthy, festive snack!


Jazz up your Christmas table


Christmas lunch

To really give your dinner table that individual touch, there is a huge variety of options that are both pleasing on and eye and the purse. For something a little different, why not try this novelty place setting idea? ‘Christmas trucks’ – think Coca Cola van levels of festivity – can be made easily by taking a mini Hot Wheels car or similar and spraying gold or silver, then attaching to a clothes peg with a label of the person’s name below. These are cute and individual and also make for a great keepsake which your guests can treasure until next Christmas.

If that sounds a little messy, why not try miniature stockings as cutlery holders? They’ll look unbelievably cute and help to keep everything neat and tidy in the rowdy Christmas atmosphere.


Give them a silent night

child sleeping illustration irene


Once your guests are full of food, they’ll want somewhere warm and accommodating to rest their head. If your spare room could do with a little TLC, Bedstar has a wonderful collection of guest beds which you can go to town with on the festive décor. Think red duvet covers, large, comfortable pillows and perhaps even a cuddly Santa toy to welcome your guests into their sleepy haven.


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