How to plan the perfect post-pandemic wedding

Couples around the world have faced the heartbreak of having to cancel their long-anticipated weddings due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Now, as the world slowly reopens and the UK government allows small weddings, you might be considering rescheduling your special day. With the wedding landscape now considerably different from the way it was before, you might find it a challenge to plan the perfect wedding. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of practical tips to help you plan and host the post-pandemic wedding of your dreams.


Communicate With Your Friends And Family

As the lockdown eases and people start venturing out more, you might think that everyone will be happy to attend your wedding. However, many individuals are still fearful of the potentially fatal virus or are having to stay at home to keep themselves and their loves ones safe. As such, you should communicate with everyone that you want to attend your wedding, so that you can find out who is able to attend and who isn’t, and make a decision accordingly.

Consider Allowing Guests To Watch Online

Travel restrictions, as well as the fear of the virus, mean that some of your friends and family might not be able to attend your special day in person. Consider allowing them to join over video conference so that they can watch your wedding and join in with the celebrations from afar. Make sure that you set up the video conference on easy-to-use software that is secure but accessible for everyone.

Embrace The Great Outdoors

If you are planning on welcoming guests to your venue in person, then you need to make sure that they stay socially distanced to reduce the chances of an outbreak among your guests. An easy way to incorporate social distancing into your special day is to host some or all of your wedding outside. The British weather might be against you, so consider hiring a marquee for your wedding to keep your guests dry and safe outside. You can find some stunning and practical options at Dynamic Marquees who offer a range of marquees to create the ideal outdoor style for your wedding day. This firm also offers traditional and LED furniture hire to ensure that your celebration is the glorious and magnificent event that you always wanted.

Avoid Buffets And Finger Food

As the Coronavirus is airborne and can be transmitted through saliva, buffets and canapes aren’t a hygienic wedding catering option anymore. Instead, offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a sit-down meal at your wedding. This approach will ensure that everyone stays safe and enjoys a delicious meal at your wedding without sharing foods from communal plates. Sit-down meals can be more expensive than buffets and other forms of catering, so only invite the guests that you really want to share your big day with, and invite anyone else via video conference.

Plan Ahead

The lockdown is slowly lifting, but with so many different factors to consider and the constant threat of a second wave of the virus on the horizon, it’s crucial that you plan ahead. Make sure that you take out wedding insurance to ensure that if your big day is cancelled again, you’ll be reimbursed and can put the money towards your future nuptials. You also need to check that what your wedding insurance policy covers so that you can rest assured that your safe no matter what happens.

When hosting a wedding after the pandemic, you need to make sure that you remember that your love is the most important factor. Everything else is just window dressing. Use these tips to craft the perfect celebration of your love.

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