How to create an epic post-pandemic birthday celebration


Parties are a huge part of our culture in the UK, and we love to bring people together, whether it’s for a wild night out or a children’s birthday party. Since the pandemic restrictions are lifting, more people are trying to create epic parties to make up for all the ones they missed during the lockdowns. There are even ways to throw amazing birthday parties where people who aren’t able to travel or are uncomfortable being in crowds can still attend without actually being there. We will be able to throw a good old-fashioned birthday party soon enough; in our guide, we’ll help you navigate how you can still through an epic celebration in 2021.

Personalise Everything

Cards you buy from the store don’t always fit the special occasion or theme you want to create. Designing a custom photo card with all your favourite pictures can be sentimental, quirky, funny or full of love, and it will show the person receiving the card just how much you care about them. After a long year of lockdowns and restrictions, we could all do with a unique card with a personal message inside to make us smile. Companies like Photobox have us covered with their fantastic selection of personalised cards to help us create the best cards for our loved one’s birthdays.


Everyone loves to receive a personalised card, but don’t stop there; personalise the invitations, gift bags and party favours to give the party that extra special feeling. Make the birthday party and decor all about the person you’re celebrating to make them feel exceptional on their day.


Choose A Theme & Do Something Unique


Themes have often been ridiculed in the past, but since the pandemic began, more people have been embracing them as a way to throw show-stopping parties. Ask your guests to dress accordingly, even if they’re attending remotely, to really bring your theme together. 


When you’re having an adult party, give your friends something worthy of Instagram, such as a casino or James Bond theme. Hire casino tables to get your favourite games like poker, roulette and blackjack up and running for your friends to have a night of fun risky bets. Bring the World of Ian Flemings to life with a James Bond theme, set the dress code as tuxedos and cocktail dresses, then have your virtual guests in masks to add a little mystery to the glamour of the night. 


If you’re looking for something with a little more elegance and calm when throwing your birthday celebrations, then why not try a wine and cheese theme? This mature theme is perfect for those who don’t want to get too wild on their birthdays or if they have older relatives joining them and they need to keep things a little more civilised for appearance’s sake. A wine and cheese night isn’t only about the wine and cheese; to ensure you have a truly special evening, you will need to add some special touches to bring your theme together. Find customisable wine glasses for your guests or create a craft table for them to make their own; this gives your guests some silly fun and something they can take home at the end of the night. Have a cake styled to look like a cheese tower as the centrepiece of the main table; to add a unique twist to your birthday theme that your guest will talk about for years to come, why not replace the cake with an actual cheese tower? For the final touches to a wine and cheese theme, use frozen grapes as an alternative for ice for the perfect accessory to the perfect Instagram worthy birthday.


When it comes to throwing an epic birthday celebration for your children, there are plenty of great ideas to try to suit any personality. One of the most popular themes for 2021 this summer is an outdoor film night. Get hold of a good-sized white sheet and projector to give your kids and their friends the best film night of their lives. Rent and set up a popcorn stand with all the toppings and flavours they can imagine to give your child’s party an American movie feeling, then set up cushion forts and blankets for them to sit back and enjoy the film. Go a step further and turn your invitations into film tickets for the kids to show to the ‘usher’ when they arrive at the party. This classic theme is great for children of all ages, and most adults love it too, so long as the film of choice isn’t Frozen again. Have fun with the rest of the food at the party with a candy floss station, cupcakes and a birthday cake shaped like a box of popcorn. You could even add a photo booth that not only lets your kids take photos with their friends but uses an online app to let their extended family get in on the fun as well.


Take your child’s birthday party to the next level with a mad scientist theme, but be warned it will get messy. Kids will love this hands-on theme, and even parents will want to get involved with the fun experiments you can have on offer. Have your children, and their friends kitted out in safety goggles and lab coats; try to get the adults involved in the dress up as well to add to the theme’s design. Drink from beakers and find plates shaped like Petri dishes for the food. Give your kids and their friends the gift of fun and safe science experiments as entertainment, including magnificent demonstrations with chemical reactions or bottle rockets using cola. Try edible bubble potions the kids can make with experts or have them make edible rocks to wow everyone at the party. Don’t forget to fill the goody bags with themed gifts for their friends to take home, such as candy floss and other sweets in test tubes.


If you’re planning a party for teenagers, you might be worried about them hating any theme you pick, but there are plenty of ideas for teenagers to have fun with an epic themed birthday celebration. Mix things up with an Alice In Wonderland theme where you can offer a little bit of everything to suit every personality so that everyone enjoys themselves. Transform your garden or venue with bright colours and create a little maze for the guests to travel through, ending in a mirror frame to step through where they can see a long table full of food, quirky teacups, plates and decorations to enjoy. Decorate the space around your table with roses and large pocket watch props to give it that unique vibe; add giant playing cards to really bring the backdrop of this them together. Attach labels to the food and drinks that say ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’ for the added quirkiness that is Alice In Wonderland. Choose the giant mushroom and smoking caterpillar as the design for the cake to have in the centre or style it after the famous three-tiered cake from the Disney film. Don’t forget to include the renowned game of changing places, nominate or hire someone the play the ‘mad hatter’ to entertain your guests throughout the party.

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