Five ways to involve kids in a hen party

Weddings are getting less traditional and couples quite often have kids by the time they get around to organising their big day. You wouldn’t leave anyone so special out of the big day itself, so it makes sense that the kids are involved in all the exciting stuff that happens in the run-up too. It’s a lovely idea to plan a hen party that your kids can enjoy with you, but what to do?

Here are some ideas from Viki Sanders at hen party specialist Eclipse Leisure to inspire you:

1. Make yummy treats

party tips recipe Cupcakes

There are few things that grown women and small children have in common, but they are sure to share a mutual love of chocolate. While cocktail making is probably off the menu (unless you fancy a Shirley Temple) you can find plenty of opportunities to try out your culinary skills, get your hands dirty and satisfy your sweet tooth. Fashionable cupcake classes can be found up and down the country (and abroad!) that cater for both hen parties and kids’ birthdays, so why not combine the two? Make sparkly princess cakes for girls or mud pies if you have mini stags to bring along. If cakes aren’t your thing, chocolate is an equally tempting alternative. Adults and kids will love seeing sumptuous melted chocolate transform into amazing shapes ready to eat!

2. Something a little more active

party tips games It's a Knock Out

If your hens are all willing to embrace their inner child, you could do something a bit more daring. Usually a staple activity for stag dos, paintballing can be great for a hen party; especially if you have energetic teenagers to keep amused. For younger children, Nerf Wars is a great alternative. It works with the same principles as paintballing but instead of hard paint pellets, participants shoot soft darts instead. Those looking for a compromise between outdoorsy kids and reluctant mates could opt for Laser Quest, which you can do inside, in the dry.

If that sounds a bit too aggressive, why not consider a bouncy castle or a game of It’s a Knock Out? You can burn off all the calories you’ll consume when the kids are in bed and the wine comes out.

3. Go vintage

The words vintage and wedding go together as well as ‘love and marriage’, so a vintage hen party is a natural choice. While adult hens will love to experiment with potential looks for your big day, your little ‘chicks’ will love playing dress up. A perfect solution if you have friends after a classy affair and who balk at the idea of a kid’s party. This will have a ‘proper’ hen do feel, which should keep everybody happy. You can book a vintage makeover at most beauty salons or photography studios and some vintage shops.

4. Channel your inner Lady Gaga (or whoever the kids are listening to these days)

Another novel activity which adults and kids will both love is starring in their own music video. You can opt for a professional experience or be creative and make your own. The youngest and oldest hens are sure to love showing off their inner diva- the only argument will be who to be: Madonna, Beyoncé or Little Mix. You can try to be authentic by emulating costumes and learning the real dance routine, or just get some feather boas and inflatable props and have fun.

5. Throw an American style bridal shower

If trying to find an activity to keep everybody happy is proving too much, then you can follow an American example. Similar to a baby shower, a bridal shower can just be a gathering at your home- a hen party solution that’s growing in popularity among mums. If you’re following the American bridal shower custom to the letter, then you also get to throw a bachelorette party. That way you can have a raucous hen do too – the best of both worlds!

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