9 Mystical Child-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas


Looking for Halloween Party Ideas? Don’t look any further, London Mums. This year we have put together the best child-friendly Halloween Party Ideas for you.


In just under a few weeks, pumpkins will be carved, trick or treaters will begin knocking at the door, and there will be a magical and mystical air as Halloween descends.






Whether you believe in ghouls and all things spooky or not, getting into the spirit of the occasion is a must where littles ones are concerned.

To throw a Halloween bash which is scarily good, Candyking Parties share how to throw a party that’s sure to be a spooktacular occasion that the whole family can enjoy.


Crafty Halloween Decorations


Transforming a home from homely to haunted, there are plenty of ways to decorate the home for Halloween that will allow the whole family to gather round the crafts table and get creative – all for a spooky cause!


Visit a pumpkin patch and let the children pick up a pumpkin each to carve. Of course, you will need to be careful where sharp carving objects are concerned, so allow them to draw out the design and then cut out the design for them. Use Pinterest to find designs which don’t just involve two eyes and a mouth – a cat, witch’s hat, or Boo! carved into a pumpkin offer a great alternative.

Now that the pumpkin is sorted it’s time to get sorted on decorating the rest of the home.

Floating Witch Hats


 Create the look of floating witch hats, by suspending them from the celling with invisible string.

Thread string through the top of the hat and attach to the ceiling with clear tape – use battery-operated tea lights to illuminate the hats and turn the lights down low to see the full effect.

Glow in the Dark Ghosts


For a spooky garden feature, mould chicken wire into the shape of a dress and spray with glow in the dark paint. Then use a stake (sprayed in black) to secure it in the garden to create the effect of ghostly shapes floating in the garden.


Pompom Bats


Using either a pompom maker or a circular cardboard ring, wind coloured wool around the ring until it is covered and relatively thick, then cut along the edge so that it forms a ball.

Tie the loose end of wool around the middle to keep it secure. Using black card or felt, cut out a bat wing shape and glue the pompom on top of it. Add googly eyes and pointy ears and then use another piece of wool to suspend it from door handles, the ceiling or pop into party bags as a takeaway gift.

Fangtastic party food


Catering for a Halloween party is the chance to get truly creative in the kitchen. From Dracula’s hotdog fingers to marshmallow eyeballs and breadstick bones – with a sprinkle of imagination you can turn party food classics into a spooky dish guaranteed to get tummies rumbling.

Halloween Spiderwebs pancakes



Trick or Treat Sweets


Trick or treaters will no doubt be doing their rounds, so you’ll need to ensure that you are well-stocked for the occasion. Sweetie Dracula teeth, jelly fingers and brains, and foam hearts can all be used to add a Halloween theme to your sweet selection.

You could create your own pic’n’mix stand complete with Halloween-inspired paper bags with Frankenstein or a pumpkin face drawn. Another idea is to fill up a clear glove with sweets and tie it at the top with ribbon, then add a spiders ring (or something similar) so that it looks like a zombie hand.

Petrifying Healthy Pumpkin


While Halloween may be all about getting a sugar rush, there are plenty of healthy options that you can offer too.

Use skewers and add kiwi, berries, grapes and orange slices and pop them into the top of your pumpkin so that it looks like fruit hair – don’t forget to draw a face on it either!

You could also scoop out the pumpkin flesh (save for a soup or stew) and fill it up with homemade hummus, then add crudités around the edge for a healthy snack.

Dracula Cookie Bites


Create Dracula dentures out of cookies, marshmallows and some icing. Take a cookie and cut it in half (the softer the better as it will be cleaner break), use red icing to cover one side on each cookie and line with marshmallows, then sandwich together. To create the look of fangs use a light coloured icing and drip down the marshmallows.


Ghoulish Games for the Family


Win or lose, games are great fun to play as a family – providing no one throws a terrifying tantrum! Giving party games a Halloween makeover or inventing new games altogether, here’s a selection for inspiration.


Messy Pumpkin Boxes


Using a plastic box or the core of your pumpkin, pop the pumpkin flesh inside to create gooey mess. Then add in items and get your guests to guess what it is. You could use spaghetti for witch brains, peeled grapes for zombie eyeballs or hotdogs for Frankenstein fingers – the more inventive you can be the better. If you don’t want to use pumpkin you could use tissue paper instead.

Toilet Roll One Minute Mummy


Divide your guests into teams of two or larger teams if you wish. Give them a stash of toilet rolls and give them a minute to cover one of their teammates in toilet roll to create a Mummy – whoever looks the best is the winner.

Witch Hat Ring Toss


Take a plastic cone, paint it black to turn it into a witch hat – don’t forget to add a ribbon or buckle effect. Secure them to a large piece of card and use coloured rings to create a Halloween-themed ring toss.

Using these ideas for inspiration, there are plenty more to found on Pinterest – or you could magic some up from a witch cauldron of course!

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