6 Kids party ideas and activities to make everyone happy

Another year around the sun is worth celebrating. Whether it’s birthday wishes in a card or a heartfelt message, birthdays are a gift. No matter your age, it’s a reason to gather with your favourite people and have fun. If planning a birthday party at home seems difficult, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Many unique themes are available to elevate the celebration. 

These birthday party ideas can be affordable with some creativity and a few DIY projects. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, London Mums also have ideas for planning a small but fabulous event.

Kids playing at a Birthday Party

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6 Kids Birthday Party Ideas and Activities For A Memorable Evening 

These simple activities are easy to prepare and are sure to be a hit at the party. 

Mystery Party

Hosting a murder mystery theme party for your kids is a mind-blowing idea. You can find various kids murder mystery games along with kits and props to keep the kids entertained. These gaming kits are very approachable and interesting to make kids love the most. The kit also helps children improve their thinking ability and social connectivity and build trust. Children will play together to find the clue, which eventually helps them to learn new things. 

Fun Photo-booth

Craft a DIY photo booth for your kid’s birthday party. You can easily make a photo-booth at home with some coloured pool noodles cut into long strips and use glue to stick them to a poster board in the shape of a rainbow. Add a hanging ribbon and use oversised balls to strike a pose and capture party memories. Set props against a simple and plain wall and let the kids pick their favourites! Ideas include sunglasses and pom-poms. Print the photos at home for take-home photo crafts.

Painting Party Night 

For this fun kids’ party activity, cover a table with paper and set out art supplies. Provide each child with a small canvas to make their own masterpiece. This type of activity will embrace child’s inner creativity and boost their imaginations. Such activities are also very important to throw at even family time for kids thinking improvement. 

DIY Slime 

For your next birthday party, set up a slime-making station. Provide all the supplies needed, and give each child a glass jar and our free printable tags. It’s a fun activity and a take-home gift idea. DIY projects are always interesting and exciting for kids, whether they are at home or outside. These small techniques will help kids to think outside the box and create some unique slime structures. You can also provide them with some popping pins, glitters, and other elements to make their DIY project more interesting. 

Handmade Activities 

DIY flower crowns are great party favours for a floral-themed birthday. Guests can use faux flowers, glue, and twine to create their own. You can also encourage your kids to do other chores with handmade crape papers. There are many other things to create like flowers, handmade play dough earrings, and many more. 

Tic-Tac-Toe – The Outdoor Fun

For an entertaining birthday party activity, you can create a custom tic-tac-toe game. You can use a shower curtain, some tape, and colourful flying disks. Begin by marking out the squares of a tic-tac-toe board on the shower curtain using tape. Then, have the players take turns tossing their colourful flying disks onto the marked squares of the board. The player who successfully forms a line with their flying disks, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the game. This fun and simple activity is sure to keep the party-goers engaged and entertained.

Useful Tips To Make Any Party Successful

If you want to host a successful and memorable birthday party for your kids, make sure to remember these tips below:

  1. Remember to mark your calendar. Choose the date, time, and place for your child’s party.
  2. Consider your child’s favourite movie, book, or show for the party theme.
  3. Set a budget and plan ahead! Contact any planner early, and they will help you find the perfect party character!
  4. Make a checklist, write everything down, and stress less! Rest assured that our part of the kids’ party is taken care of.
  5. Plan your party accordingly, which involves determining the size of the party. 
  6. Send out invitations early to your guests.
  7. When planning decorations, think about what items you can create yourself, borrow from others, or need to purchase. This will help you transition to the next step in the planning process.
  8. Enlist family and friends to help with setup, clean-up, decorations, and food to save time and money.
  9. Make your child’s party special with our kids’ party characters! Choose from princesses, superheroes, or Star Wars characters to entertain at your child’s next party!
  10. Consider adding face painting or a game to enhance the interaction and fun memories with their favourite character.
  11. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

These 6 kids’ birthday party ideas and activities are classic entertaining packages. These activities are customisable and bring more fun and happy moments together. You can host a wonderful birthday party for your kid with any of these ideas above. All you need to do is invite the kids’ friends and decorate the environment with lots of coloured elements, delicious food, and music. Kids love to dance and eat their favourite snacks. So, make sure to keep things aligned for your kids and make their birthday party super crazy and memorable!

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