5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Planning Their Wedding

In my previous life (pre-family) I wanted to be a wedding planner and I did lots of research on this topic. The amount of money that people end up wasting unnecessarily is incredible. Shopping for your big day is a joyous experience. Just don’t go overboard with a few things and you will be fine. With that said, we are going to mention a few errors couples make when planning their wedding. Just avoid these mistakes, and you can easily tie the knot within your budget.

1.  Blowing Your Whole Budget on the Dress

If you have set a specific amount aside for your bridal look, it doesn’t suggest you have to spend the whole sum on your dress. You are not buying a reach. Yes, wedding dresses can cost, but they are affordable options available.

When planning your budget, mind the boutique appointment, shipping charges, alterations, travel and food expenses. Also, don’t forget your veil, shoes, undergarments, jewellery, hair accessories, and whatnot. All of these expenses are included in your bridal look budget.

2.  Flowers

Most people end up overpaying for their wedding when they get too attached to specific stuff, for example, flowers! When you book a florists months before your wedding, you need to ask which flowers will be available in your price range by the time you will tie the knot.

For instance, if you have your heart set on orchids, you might be disappointed if they become unavailable. So, prepare your backup options and add them toyour plan. Also, consider different shapes and colors instead of types of flowers. It will help save some money.

3.  Sending the Date Card Very Soon

It’s your big day; you want everyone to know it! We get it, but you will be better off if you hold on to the wedding cards until you finalise a few things. It’s possible some people will turn into mere acquaintances by the time your wedding day approaches. You have to take care of arrangements way before you send out the invitations. This way, you will have peace of mind and won’t rush anything.

4.  Starting Your Makeup Too Late

You have spentan eternity planning your look and shopping foryour dress and footwear. So, why do you want to ruin it by starting dressing up late on your day? Don’t leave your make-up and hair as the last thing. It will only ruin your look.

A Pro Tip 

Try on your dress, make-up and everything at least once before your wedding. It will help you track how much time you need to get ready. With this information, you can set your schedule in a more accommodating way.

5.  Not Minding the Venue

The thing about wedding preparations is you have to do it according to the venue. If you are tying the knot at a beach, shop for beach wedding dresses. If you are marrying in a church, then look for something formal.

The venue has a lot to say about what you should do and shouldn’t. So, start with picking one that accommodates your theme and budget. Once again, this is not something that you should invest a big chunk of your budget.  

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