Want To – How to handle a stubborn child

Your toddler is determined that he want to touch the stove. You try to convince them that this will hurt them. You say no, you move them several times from the area of the stove.  You even go so far as to tap them on the butt to show them how serious you are about this being something they shouldn’t do.  They continually sneak back into the kitchen and reach up to try and touch the hot element.  Nothing you are doing is making them realise that this is dangerous. They want to touch it and reasoning isn’t going to work, spanking isn’t going to work, timeouts are not going to work.

Your teenage daughter hates that you have a curfew on her, and she starts sneaking out at nights. You try grounding her from social events, computer, friends but nothing is working.  You try staying up all night to catch her, so you can stop her but somehow, she figures out exactly when you fall asleep.  This girl just doesn’t seem to care about her own safety or your rules and no consequence seems to stop her.

Your son keeps swearing up a storm. You have tried making him pay a quarter every time he swears and has even tried washing his mouth with soap and instead of working, he just swore at you for doing so. You have grounded him from the computer, social events and yet he just doesn’t seem to care about those consequences and just keeps on swearing.

Is it true that there are some children who just will be determined to do what they want? Do we as adults every do this in our own lives as adults? Is there anything that you will continue to keep on doing no matter the consequence.

Watch the video and see the examples here to see if any of this sounds like what you are going through.  And understand what you can and cannot do about a stubborn child whose ‘want to is broken’.

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