Toys toys toys: how many is too many?

Are you drowning in a sea of toys, wondering if less might actually mean more? London Mums Magazine is here to reveal why a curated playtime collection could be the key to unlocking your child’s potential.

Moving House with a toddler London Mums magazine

Quality Over Quantity: Streamlining for Creativity

It’s time for a toy box revamp! London Mums suggest swapping out old toys for cherished gems from platforms like Facebook Marketplace or your local “buy nothing” group. Too many toys can stifle creativity and clutter up your space faster than you can say “tidy-up time.” So, let’s declutter those shelves and create space for some seriously magical playtime adventures!

Brain-Boosting Toys for Young Innovators

Forget the mundane – it’s all about toys that spark imagination! Dive into gadgets that empower you to take the lead and unleash your creativity. Whether it’s building blocks or mind-bending puzzles, the right toys can transform playtime into an electrifying adventure.

Tailored Adventures for Growing Minds

Who says toys are just for little ones? Stay ahead of the game with toy services that deliver the latest and greatest gear tailored to your growing interests. From epic quests to brain-teasing challenges, there’s something for every stage of your incredible journey.

Crafting Sensory Marvels at Home

Ready to get hands-on? Dive into DIY sensory bins using everyday treasures like rice, beans, and funky fabrics. These sensory sensations will transport you to new worlds and ignite your curiosity like never before. Who needs TV when you can explore a sensory wonderland right in your own home?

Library Expeditions: Immerse Yourself in Words

Why hoard books when you can borrow them for free? Visit your local library for a treasure trove of reads that will fuel your imagination and keep your mind buzzing. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to share the love of books with your crew and swap stories like the literary legends you are!

Nature’s Playground: Adventure Awaits!

Step away from the screens and dive into outdoor fun under the sun. Nature’s playground is bursting with wonders waiting to be uncovered – from secret hideouts to muddy puddles begging to be splashed in. So, rally your mates and let the adventures unfold!


So, there you have it – less clutter, more fun! By prioritising quality over quantity, embracing the thrill of play, and diving into epic adventures, you’ll unlock a world of excitement you never knew existed. Let’s seize every playtime moment and embark on unforgettable adventures, one step at a time!

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