Top tips for parents battling an illness that don’t have the luxury of staying in bed

Battling an illness is one thing, but battling an illness and still having to be on the move due to having a child is another. Here are some tips on how to tackle the day when they’re feeling under the weather but staying in bed and recovering is not an option. 


Take everything at your own pace

Your health is always the most important thing, so don’t ever feel the need to rush. If something needs to be done urgently, prioritise it, but do it at a timescale that suits you. From doing the washing to paying money in at the bank, do these activities bit by bit and don’t ever feel guilty if you don’t manage to stick to timescales. Battling an illness is taxing enough, so make sure you are kind to yourself and allow yourself time to rest when you do find the time – especially with a toddler on your hip or a pram to push.


If your children are old enough, let them know

If your children are old enough to understand, let them know that you aren’t feeling great. You don’t have to tell them the in’s and out’s, but tell them any extra help would be much appreciated or even that you might not have it in you to run around the garden with them. For those old enough, you could even make a chores rota; you will then find that the activities that you usually do yourself can be picked up by your children, therefore giving you more time to yourself and giving you a list extra help and time to read. It doesn’t have to be hard jobs either, doing the washing up, ironing or even making dinner can make a huge difference when you’re sick.


Use essential oils to boost your immune system

There are a few simple ways to boost your immune system, including reducing your stress levels and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. If these are two things that you struggle with, know that essential oils can help.

The GO2 B.Calm inhaler stick is made using cardamom, lavender, bergamot and sweet orange, four ingredients that help to promote a feeling of calmness and warmth, soothe the body and mind and deeply relax. What’s more, the GO2 Sleep inhaler stick is made using lavender, red mandarin and frankincense that additional supports restful sleep and promotes a sense of inner peace.

A third 100% natural, essential oil inhaler stick by GO2 is Energy that help tired parents to power on through the day, made using eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass, all of which works to promote clear breathing, stimulates and aids focus and works to combat the feeling of fatigue.

GO2 InhalerSticks

Don’t forget your diet

If you’re suffering from an illness, try not to forget about your diet. It’s easy to choose easy options and microwave meals, but try to make healthier options when you can. Be sure that you have plenty of fruit and veg to hand, and where you can try to prep in bulk and freeze meals when you’re feeling at your strongest, allowing you to just defrost foods when you are feeling at your weakest.


These tips were provided by the team at health & wellbeing brand 

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