The Voice of the Child from Divorced families

Your child has suddenly become mouthy and rude. You are not able to just put it down to them having a bad day, as this has been going on for some time now and they are becoming belligerent toward everyone most of the time. OR

Your child becomes quiet and withdrawn. Not speaking to anyone, not calling on friends. Not even wanting to go play their favourite activity or go to school anymore. If your child is acting much differently than you are used to, there is always a reason and it is your job as a parent to find out why. Figuring out what their issue is, could be liking finding a needle in a haystack.

Even if it has been years since you have gone through a divorce or separation, that might be a good place to start looking at to see if this could be the reason for your child’s behaviour issues.

Hopefully, the voice of the adult in this video that was once upon a time, a child, who was wounded by the trauma that was caused by her divorced parents, might help you discover what is happening with your child.

Listen to what she has to say, and start analysing if your child might be thinking and or feeling the same things as this woman in this video. Try to put yourself in your child’s shoes and see if they might have overheard something they shouldn’t have or see something that could have destroyed them.  Ask questions and see if they are feeling unworthy, unloved or guilty.  You might be surprised at not only what this woman has to say about this, but you might find your child feels the same way.

Yes, the woman in the video is me, and I can tell you that it took me years to figure out why I struggled with love issues, why I didn’t trust anyone and why I didn’t think anyone would ever find me worthy.

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