The screenagers era … How Can We Get Our Kids Away From Their Screens?

Now that my son has become a teenager, I look around and see things differently. So much so that I often feel that I live in the screenagers era, in a a world of screens – the tv is constantly humming away in the background, we work on our computers, and we scroll through our phones and ipads. So getting away from our screens – and importantly, getting kids away from them is important. It’s vital to remember – and if you have grown up in the ’70s or ’80s like myself, you should dig deep in your memories – that there’s a big wide world out there to explore and enjoy that doesn’t require any kind of screen to sit behind! Here are a few fun things you can do. 

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Take them to the theatre

The cinema can be fun, but again, it’s just another screen! If you want to enjoy a show, how about going to see a play, acted by real people in front of you. You get an excitement and magic that you just don’t get at the cinema, check out which shows are currently on and purchase some theatre tickets. Encourage a love of theatre which is closely linked to drama and literacy, it could even start a love for the classics such as Shakespeare plays. At the very least, it’s a fun evening out with the kids and something a little different. 


Go camping

Camping teaches kids so many skills. From pitching a tent to map reading and orienteering, building a campfire, fishing, boating and so much more. It’s cheap, convenient and fun for all the family. If you’re on a budget you could easily make a camping holiday your main family vacation, but even if you’re going abroad, they can be done so cheaply that you could fit a camping trip or two in as well. Camping encourages us to get into the great outdoors, enjoy some fresh air and actually appreciate the world in front of us, rather than hiding behind our screens. 

Get some exercise

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Exercise can be made fun, and is something that will benefit all of you. Get on your bikes and go for a bike ride, go for long walks in the woods, go to a trampoline park or hire a bouncy castle on a sunny weekend! If you make it enjoyable then it won’t even feel like exercise, but will keep kids busy while wearing them out. Day trips are another way to get lots of steps in without it feeling like exercise- hop in the car or book a coach and explore a new place on foot. If you have a fitness tracker, you’ll be surprised just how many steps you can rack up doing something like this. 

Cook or bake

Cooking is something that everyone should learn, from understanding different ingredients to knowing what flavour combinations work and basic cooking techniques- it’s important for all of us to know. And it’s something that we can teach our kids from a young age, bit by bit. Baking is a fun activity and can teach kids precision and patience, the fact that there’s a delicious reward at the end is always a motivator to learn!


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