The importance of teaching kids car safety

It’s important to teach kids car safety and how to behave in any vehicle – keeping the family safe in the car should be everyone’s responsibility. A child should be aware of the dangers of unclicking their seatbelt and moving around the vehicle when it’s in motion. Even altering the belt’s position could have a devastating effect in the unfortunate event of an accident.  

Is it a phase?

You may find that there will be a stage where your child will release their belt buckle once they’ve learnt how to do so. This can be frustrating as it can be a challenge to stop them from doing this. But with persistence, it can be a phase they will grow out of. There are many ways in which you can teach kids road safety – below are a few of the most effective.


Involve your child

To help keep your child in their seat, it’s a good idea to let them know why they need to use a seatbelt and to tell them that it’ll keep them safe. Remind them this every so often and remember to be consistent. Another great way is to get them excited about doing their belt up by making it into a game, song or a rhyme. Do this for your own belt too. If you involve your child in the process, it will feel less of a chore to them and yourself.

Entertain on longer journeys

On longer journeys, if it’s possible, ensure that there is an adult sitting in the back seat to be on hand if any problems occur. To ensure the child doesn’t get restless during these journeys, have plenty of distractions at the ready. Bring games, books and toys. For older children, an iPad with their favourite cartoon is a great way to keep a child entertained on long journeys.  


Anti-tampering devices

There are anti-tampering devices that you can purchase that’ll make it harder for the child to undo their harness. Although these can seem like a good idea, anything that can stop you from quickly undoing the belt buckle can cause more harm than good. This is because it can make it extremely difficult to undo the belt in an emergency situation. 


Teach them road safety

As well as in the car, it’s as important to teach your kids basic road safety and how to act around vehicles. Teaching them how to cross the road correctly and even how to safely get out of a vehicle is vital. Show them how to look left and right before they get out of the car to ensure no traffic is coming and that it is safe to do so. This is also good for public transport too as crossing the road in front of a bus can be dangerous; you cannot be seen by approaching vehicles.


As well as teaching kids car safety, it’s important to have the appropriate car seat for the right height and weight of your child. This child seat calculator from RAC will help you find the best seat for your little ones that will keep them safe on any car journey.

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