The benefits of pets for children

This blog explores the benefits of pets for children. First and foremost pets are not toys, and if you are thinking of getting a pet merely to keep your child occupied, then a pet is not for your family. However, if you are contemplating extending your family with a furry (or not so furry) friend because you adore animals and know your children do too, there are some benefits that may not be immediately apparent.

Change a life

Getting a pet, no matter what kind will change your life. All animals need access to veterinary care, food, water, a comfortable place to sleep, and lot and lots of love. Some animals are more independent that others, but all will need to be cared for if you go away on holiday or away even for one night. However, it is not only your life that will change when you get a pet, especially if you obtain yours from a rescue centre. Some pets have waited a long time for their “forever home” and may have experienced abuse at the hands of their previous owners. Some will have been strays and some may wonder why their owners have abandoned them. By coming an owner of a rescued cat, dog, rabbit, or any other animal, you have the potential to change their lives for the better. Children will realise the importance of getting pets from rescue centres, and can also learn about compassion and caring for those less fortunate than themselves.


Dogs require regular walks and if your child accompanies the newly acquired pet on walks, they will be getting exercise too. Children that may have previously not wanted to go outdoors can find themselves being excited by the prospect of talking their pooch out for a long walk. Besides walks, a dog will enjoy playing fetch, and running alongside their owner. The health benefits will be multiple for your child.


It is only a matter of time before the excitement of a new pet wears off, but you can use taking care of pets as an example of responsibility. Don’t give in when your child says they are too tired to take the dog for a walk, or if they can’t be bothered to lay don food for the cat and change the water. Make it part of their routine and reiterate the importance of taking on the responsibilities associated with pets. A site like can help with tips on how to keep looking after your dog interesting.



Studies show that anxious and stressed children benefit from having a pet. Stroking a pet is soothing for both children and adults, and having a companion you can talk and will just listen is a great aid for children young and old. A pet can help combat loneliness, especially if a child doesn’t have any other siblings, or has friends that don’t live nearby.

Think carefully about which pet will be most suited to your family’s lifestyle and be realistic about how much time you and your child can give to that animal. Getting a pet can be the best thing you ever do, if you do it responsibly.

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