Do we share the love for our kids’ favourite music?

Do we mums and dads know what kind of songs our children like? Do we share our kids’ favourite music? Do we like to take them to concerts? A couple of days ago I went to the Rays of Sunshine charity concert attended by lots families with children aged 5 to 13 and I did not feel out of place because I happen to like my 7 year old son’s music. To be perfectly honest, I know the type of music he likes because I often watch the X-Factor and the Voice and I think I am up-to-date with the latest singers and musicians.  rays of sunshine concert

Although my husband was not exactly at his favourite concert and was more concerned with the noise level at the Royal Albert Hall (a clear sign that he did not like any of the singers). He was just there to see his son enjoy himself, I guess.

I try to instil some classical music knowledge into my son who plays the piano, because this is what my parents and family did to me, but I appreciate that growing up children like the music of their time. Despite appreciating my love for hard rock (Bon Jovi etc), as well as pop and jazz, my son still raves about Gangam Style (which I personally hate), because this is what other kids want to dance at the school disco. But this is ok.

The Rays of Sunshine concert was an eye-opener for me in terms of realising that it is important for parents to make an effort to like their music and with this attitude I really enjoyed the event.

My favourite acts were, in the order, Olly Murs (no surprise, eh?!), Pixie Lott and Alesha Dixon. And I even sang and danced along.. My son thought that I am a cool mum 🙂 That is clearly priceless!

I am convinced that by sharing his music taste, doors might open up later when he is a teenager… Not sure I am right about it, but I remember when I was a teenager and I often expressed myself through songs. As parents we should invest in learning all about our kids’ interests now and while doing so have some fun time bonding with them.

rays of sunshine concert

The Rays of Sunshine charity concert 2014 was extremely educational for my son as it showed how children can be brave even when they are less fortunate.

I learnt that I should feel lucky with my life from enjoying the simplest things like waking up in the morning and realising that I am healthy enough to go for a run with my son and husband.

If kids appreciated the simplest things in life more, they would feel more content with anything they have instead of being such egoistic creature as they are.

Food for thought!

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