Perk up your January! Mum’s the word!

Perk up your January! Mum’s the word!

It’s easy to feel low, we’re in the scrag-end of winter. Halloween, tick; Christmas, tick; skiing, tick. It’s Dry January, Veganuary, cold turkey more like.

So Ladies and Gents, whaddawegonnadoabaatit? Get some balance back is what. Balance – that most elusive of states. What does it even look like? It’ll surely feel different for each one of us in the details, but the framework could look like this…

woman relaxing in a bathtub

Hibernation Day

Listen to your body and take that pyjama day, watch those 5 films, say no to that invitation, leave the phone alone.



Friendship Day

Get those friends together who you missed out on seeing in the pre-Shristmas frenzy. And go dressy – never too much. I’m catching up with some hard-drinking, riotous mumchums.

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Music Day

This is my own very unique brand of madness, so you have to adapt accordingly, but I go dancing along the Thames Rivieraaaaa, silent disco. Solo. I know I know, but it makes me happy.

a red rose laying on white towels

Booking Day

Action some long-intended wish, either solo or en masse. Something to look forward to in spring or summer even. Then hold on to the excitement and start planning your outfits, accommodation, travel and activities. I’m going to Sheffield for two nights – yes you’re scoffing, I can hear you from here – to Sheffield to see Def Leppard in concert. It’s not even a teen-dream, it’s beyond dreams. I’m making the inconceivable happen.


Family Day

You may have a son who’s budded off or a cousin you like but don’t see much. Make time. I’m off to lunch with my son, 27, and his lady-love, Poppy, to plan our Glasto trip and he’s taking me charity shop shopping for clothes as a Christmas present.


Culture Day

It’s London, innit? ‘Gotta see that Spanish thing at the RA’ etc. Find an art lover, they’re fascinating to go with and so patient as you share your ignorance.


Giving Day

Bag up that outrageously large tray of chox in a zip-lock, not forgetting the menu card, and give it to the homeless guy sleeping rough near you. Ziplock – waterproof, see? I asked ours, ‘Why are you here?’ and he said ‘I’m waiting to be found.’ He proceeded to study the menu, and root around delicately for the chocolate he wanted. No one goes hungry in Putney. Our local street sweeper, who has loud venomous conversations with himself and anyone who makes eye contact, gets a bottle of Bristol Cream every year. ‘If you could walk in to Waitrose and buy anything you wanted, what would it be? I had asked him.


Cleansing Day

After the Xmas clutter has been boxed up, have a series of mini-blitzes. Review your surroundings with a view to removing ‘dead wood’, such as Facebook friends who never like or comment, clothes you never wear, loyalty cards you never use and clutter you don’t enjoy.


Nature Day

Smell the mulching leaves, hear the squelching mud, watch the war-games up in the woodland canopy. Savour a brush with a fox.


Make a wish list for February. Sex Day

Enough already, off you go and get creative.

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