How to Save Money and the Environment in One Go

While any money saving tip is well-appreciated by mums everywhere, it gets even better when those tips help to save the environment at the same time. Have you ever stopped to think of all the waste you are producing on a yearly basis that perhaps you could avoid, at least in part?

Here are a few tips that will help you stretch that tight budget you are probably raising a family on while doing your part to clean up the mess we’ve created on planet Earth.

Get Active in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has been much in the news in recent years, what with the stellar rise of such organisations like Uber. However, you don’t need to be an Uber driver or passenger to become active in the sharing economy. Think of all those things you toss out regularly that are still serviceable, but for which you are needing an upgrade.

Instead of paying a huge sum on bulk waste collection, why not list those items on freecycle that has huge active pockets in the UK. While you can’t list items for sale, you can save money on waste collection and you will be sharing your excess with other families who may be financially challenged. That’s the true essence of the sharing economy!

Pay Attention to Bulky Waste Collections in Your Postcode

If you are unfortunate enough to live in an area with high fees for bulky waste collection, the above information could save you a bundle. However, this Happy Beds article explains the cost differences between the various regions in the UK, so that you are well informed as to whether you would have to pay a fee and what it will cost.

If you must send something off to waste collection, be mindful of trying to get everything together in one load. Also, it helps to understand why you are being charged a fee. Not only is transport costly in terms of money and CO2 emissions, but landfills are already to their max and landfill gas is a major atmospheric problem. These fees help to compensate for all of that.

Observe the 3 Rs Religiously

It can’t be said enough that the three Rs of conservation are of vital importance for today’s families. Remember to reduce – reuse – recycle. Both of the above tips are key factors in the area of conservation but what you may not be understanding at the onset is that by conserving you are doing more than working to save the environment. You may also be saving a huge chunk of money being wasted every year. Not only can you save money for your own family, but you can also help others to save as well.

Actually, if you had to sum it up, it would be centred on the sharing economy. The more you can share, rather than disposing of, the greater your impact will be on your finances as well as the planet.

Whether you seek out gently used items for your home or offer them to others, it’s more than a small step on a long journey. When you can’t avoid sending bulky items to waste collection, at least send them off in batches to save fuel and CO2 emissions. You can do your part and this is just the beginning.

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