How to Help Your Kids Prepare for Moving to a New House

Moving with children to a new house can be an exciting adventure and a stressful challenge at the same time. To you, moving probably means a brand new start with bigger space, better neighbourhood, or a new job. But to your kids, it’s disruptive and a bit more traumatic. On top of all the chaos of packing, kids are forced to say goodbye to friends they love and the familiar comfort of their neighbourhood. Here’s how you can make the transition less stressful:

Be Open to Questions

Let your kids know early enough about the move. This gives you ample time to address any concerns they may have and ease them into the transition. Kids will have a lot of questions about their new school, how to make new friends, who will take care of their old home, how about their old friends, and so on. Encourage them to write questions down as they think of them and make a point of answering all of them as best as you can.


Help Them Stay In Touch

The hardest part of moving, especially for teens, is leaving behind close friends. Luckily, keeping in touch has never been made easier in today’s digital age. Skype, Google hangouts, phone calls, messaging apps, and social media sites all allow people to maintain friendships across the miles. If possible, you can also take time to visit the old neighbourhood and invite some of their friends to spend weekends or vacations with you. Although old friendships will keep your kids from feeling lonely, it’s more healthy and adaptive for them to establish roots in their new community. That means helping them make new friends.


Get Them Involved

Oftentimes, kids feel powerless during such a transition. Let them help as much as possible so they feel part of it. Teens may be able to scout the Internet for new houses, their new school, and fun things to do in the new neighbourhood. Get the younger ones to help with packing, picking paint colours for their new room, and taking care of pets on the moving day. Be sure to incorporate as many of their ideas as possible. If money is an issue, explain that to your kids. After all, buying a new house and moving can be financially draining.


Show Them Their New Home

If you are moving locally, take the kids to visit their new home before you move. This will give them a sense of what awaits them; plus, they might discover the new place isn’t that different from their current home. If you are moving far away, take a virtual tour. This involves showing your kids photos and videos of the new house and nearby landmarks.


Make Memories and Plan a Fun Goodbye

Take time before the move to create memories that kids can take with them to their new home. Have them make a list of the things they love doing in their current neighbourhood, and do as many as you can. This may include visiting their favourite places like parks and recreation spots, as well as taking part in their favourite outdoor activities such as sports one last time. A going-away party is a great way to say goodbye to friends and create some lasting memories of the old house.

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