How to get the house tidy for summer 

Lockdown 2.0 has been quite the ordeal for most in the UK. Learning how to balance work, home and family life, has taken its toll on our mental health and our home’s have taken on a world of their own.

Homeschooling has left its own path of destruction in its wake with piles of paper, colouring pencils and the dreaded play dough in every crevice. Then there’s finding time in your day to tidy up the washing pile and the outdoor tasks that you have been putting off since before winter arrived. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s London Mums’ rundown of the best ways to get our house tidy for the summer:

Make a list

There’s no better way to complete a task than to make a list. It allows you to focus and prioritise what you think is most important, and you are more likely to achieve it as a result. 

While walking around your home and garden, take note of the things you would like to see done by the end of spring. Is there anything that needs repair, restoration or complete change? 

Try not to over stretch yourself with high expectations. If you are still working from home, it might be that you only have so much time to have the significant impact. So prioritise the most important jobs around your budget, holidays and who’s around to help. 


Tidy the garden

With the nod from the PM to have small gatherings in your garden, it’s time to tidy up your outside space. Throw in the longest winter of our lives (aided by lockdown), and it’s likely that your garden’s looking a bit worse for wear, especially now spring is in full swing. Quick budding daffodils, overgrown weeds and general debris and clutter are all likely to feature. 

A quick spruce up will make your garden look summer ready in no time:

  • Mow the lawn
  • De-weed unwanted plants
  • Grab your garden fork and turn your soil to make way for new plants. Consider adding nutrient-rich soil to boost growth
  • Cut back any overgrown branches or hedges
  • Tidy away any stray pots, leftover storm debris
  • Straighten up ornaments and plants that have fallen over
  • Wash your patio or decking
  • Spruce up your outdoor furniture


Have a clear out

Wardrobes. The home of forgotten clothes and broken weight loss dreams. Now’s the perfect time to have a clear out of any unwanted and unused clothing, shoes and accessories that are cluttering up your much-needed storage space. 

Moving House with a toddler London Mums magazine

Donating or recycling your unwanted goods is the simplest way to declutter and refresh your living space. You’ll find that all the dust that has landed will be easier to remove and your lungs will appreciate the fresh air flowing through your rooms. 

Currently, many of the UK charity shops will be feeling the weight of everyone’s donated goods and it’s likely that some will turn you away. Living in the big city, local London rubbish removal companies will provide you with an efficient and hassle-free service. Likewise, most towns across the nation will have reputable, easy to use firms that will lighten your load. 


Get ready for alfresco dining

Sun kissed gardens are the perfect place to light up the BBQ or entertain your friends and family in the summer. They become a natural extension of your dining room, and with them, you can expect a more casual eating experience. 

If you are planning on entertaining guests regularly in your garden, it’s worth keeping your outdoor dining items nearby. Whether it’s your shed, garden storage area, utility room or your kitchen, you’ll find having everything from your dishes to cutlery in one place will allow you to set up your outdoor dining adventure more simple. 


Change the bedding more regularly

The closer to the summer months we get, the more allergens and dust will build in your home. Pollen is particularly good at attaching itself to fabric, so if you have any hayfever sufferers in your home, make sure you refresh their bedding at least once a week. Throw in spending more time outside, your sheets will build up more dirt and debris than the winter months. 

Make sure you ditch the winter bedding too. Light and crisp sheets will not only improve your mood during the summer months, but it will breathe fresh life into your bedroom! If you feel like a total revamp is needed, replace any old bedding you’re no longer satisfied with. 


Prepare for the summer sun

Decluttering and tidying up your home is one thing, but gathering up all the kit you’ll need for the summer will make days out more fun and far less stressful! Think about what you and your family will need, such as:

  • Suncream
  • Sunhats and glasses
  • Swimming costumes, towels and accessories
  • Lightweight clothing
  • Insect repellant
  • Umbrella – to protect you from the summer rays and for when the UK weather surprises you with rain!

Once you’ve gathered all your summer kit, store them in an easily accessible area such as the back door, just inside the garage or in the hallway. That way everyone will be more likely to use them, and you can all get in the car without all the unnecessaries taking place!


Don’t neglect the shed

Long, drawn out evenings are one of the most remarkable perks in the summer. Not only can you be more adventurous outdoors and huddle around the firepit, but you can tackle some of the bigger jobs around the house. During the warmer days, sorting out the garage or shed becomes less of a chore and you’re likely to get the job done!

During the school holidays, it’s a great time to encourage your children to get involved too. Whether it’s helping out in the garden or sprucing up their bedrooms, it’s the best part of the year to get everyone onboard. Plus, it’s the perfect time to get rid of forgotten toys and redecorate their rooms too!


Ready to get your house tidy and summer ready? There’s never been a better time to tackle your clutter than now. What will you do first? 

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