Family app delivers for Christmas

Famileo, a new family app, is fast becoming a must-have gift this Christmas as an alternative to the traditional Christmas card. As the cost of stamps has risen by 10p since April, it also offers a cost-effective substitute to postcards and letters all year-round. The WhatsApp style app allows family members to upload their social media-style messages and photos, which in turn are printed into a family newspaper and delivered direct to grandparents or elderly relatives, who aren’t as digitally savvy.

family sitting on the sofa with granfather to check the Family app to help grandparents

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Figures from Which? show 41% are planning to buy fewer gifts this Christmas, with around half of consumers planning to cut back on festive spending.

Family app to help grandparents

Despite this, research conducted by Famileo found 96% of people said it was important the Christmas gift they buy for elderly relatives is meaningful, as just over half – 51% – were worried their elderly relative would feel lonely during the festive period.  

Nadine Callcutt, UK Marketing Manager for Famileo, said: “Once a staple of the season, the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards appears to be dying out – particularly among younger generations, who tend to send their Christmas messages via WhatsApp or Instagram posts.  Famileo offers a practical way for younger generations to send their Christmas messages and photos to an older generation to enjoy.  It has a joyful, emotional impact and has proven to be an effective way for all the family to stay better connected.”

Family app to help grandparents

A family subscription costs just £5.99 per month, and Famileo allows families to spread the cost of the subscription between them to create an affordable and meaningful gift for their grandparents or elderly loved ones. Once registered, everyone in the family can chip in with the payment and newspapers can be delivered to any country in the world at the same price. The app is available all year round in 50 countries, and has already reached 1.5m users.

Nadine said: “Famileo makes an ideal last-minute Christmas gift. It’s proven a big hit with grandchildren and grandparents as an easy way to cross digital divides and keep in touch. Each newspaper, or gazette, includes as many as 30 messages and can be delivered around the world. The idea is to help families, no matter where they are or how busy their lifestyle, stay in touch. The Famileo app has also been a godsend for families with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who live and work all over the world.”

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