Decluttering with kids

Ah, the joys of decluttering with kids – it’s like enlisting a mini army of tidiness experts! With half-term just around the corner and plenty of time to fill, why not turn the task of tidying into a family affair? After all, free labour (ahem, I mean, quality bonding time) is always welcome!

Here’s London Mums‘ very own guide to getting the little ones involved in decluttering, complete with tips to turn chaos into calm and transform your home into a peaceful haven.

Moving House with a toddler London Mums magazine

1. Walk the talk

Decluttering with kids can be fun but you need to walk the talk by approaching it with a positive attitude. Blast some tunes, turn it into a game, or even make it a workout session – whatever gets everyone excited! Even if they’re too young to pitch in, just having them watch you can plant the seeds of tidiness in their little minds.

2. Little tasks

Ease your little ones into decluttering by starting with less familiar spaces. Break tasks down into manageable chunks and make it a fun activity you can do together.

messy kids bedroom

3. Lagom Lifestyle

Did you know that in Sweden, they teach kids the art of living lagom (a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount” or “not too much, not too little”) – finding balance and contentment with what we have? Well, it’s time to embrace that Scandinavian wisdom and introduce your little helpers to the joys of decluttering. Not only will it make your home tidier, but it’ll also create a sense of calm for the whole family.

4. Game time

Make decluttering a learning experience by explaining why we do it. Try playing a game of ‘spot the difference’ with before-and-after photos of a room to show how decluttering not only makes things look better but also improves our wellbeing.

small home kids bedroom

5. Let go and donate

Teach your kids the value of giving by donating unwanted items to charity or passing them on to friends. It’s a win-win – you clear out clutter and spread a little kindness.

6. Toss or Keep Box

If your child is unsure about letting go of something, don’t force the issue. Instead, set aside a dedicated box for items they’re undecided about and revisit it later.

7. Learn how to let go of stuff

As your kids get more comfortable with decluttering, gradually introduce them to more personal areas like their bedroom or playroom. Encourage them to evaluate their belongings and make decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

8. Storage solutions

Invest in storage solutions that make it easy for your kids to keep their spaces tidy. Get them involved in choosing storage options and encourage them to take ownership of their belongings.

9. Time management

Block out specific times for decluttering sessions and keep them short and focused. Choose times when your kids are likely to be calm and rested, rather than tired or distracted.

10. Celebrate Success

Finally, celebrate your decluttering victories as a family. Whether it’s with a special treat or a fun activity, make sure to acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put in together.

So there you have it – with a little creativity and a lot of teamwork, decluttering with kids can be a breeze. Who knew tidying up could be so much fun?


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