Course review: Emotional resiliance programme for children

There has been much hype about the growth mindset, so I wanted to check it out.

When I found the growth mindset programme with Growth Mind Kid, a company specialising in helping parents help their children develop emotional resilience and secure attachment, I decided to give it a go.

I was a bit sceptical at first but was pleasantly surprised.

The online growth mindset programme is a sequence of 6 videos with complementary exercises with your children.

The underlying principle is that IQ is not the determining factor of success and persistence, and perseverance is more important.

Getting back up when we are down.

The videos are told in an entertaining story format and are exceptionally well done.


I wish I had this kind of education growing up.


The videos are three famous characters Einstein, Darwin and Wilma.


Don’t worry; I did not know Wilma was either, but I like that they included diversity in their selection of characters.


We are taken on the journey of these three characters, and important lessons are given about why they succeeded and their struggles along the way.


We are taught about the brain and different forms of intelligence.

How our brain grows and adapts to challenges.


It was also a good reminder that confidence and resilience are not about preventing hardship for our children but about supporting them in dealing with and overcoming adversity.


The overall theme is teaching our children grit and resilience but done through engaging stories, and I feel the program succeeded in doing that.

The reflective exercises after each video are also suitable for discussions with your child and practical implementation of the new ideas.

This seems like a great starting point to teach them how their brain operates and how to build resilience and confidence.

For people who want more in-depth advice, one session is available here.

They must be confident in their program as they offer a seven day no questions asked money-back guarantee, and it’s only the price of a takeaway dinner.

You can learn more about the programme here.

I look forward to seeing what this company will create in the future, as I was told multiple manuals and workshops are in the works to support parents.

In today’s world, resilience is a more valuable skill than ever, not just for academic and financial success but also mental health.

I am so happy to see more focus on this and that companies like Growthmindkid are taking the initiative in this arena.

I give this programme the thumbs up, and it’s worth every penny.

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