How to cope with being a single parent

“I feel exhausted trying to juggle being a single parent and working at the same time. I don’t feel I am doing well at either.” 

Does this sound familiar? Being a single working parent can be very demanding.  The transition from being part of a team managing your time equally, to coping alone can often seem impossible.

Being a single parent means that you have to juggle so much more and for some this means less time spent with the children in order to work or provide. With this inevitably comes the feeling of guilt. That as a result, some parents cannot be there for their children as much as their children would like, and the stresses and strains of working life can make things very difficult at home.


mother woking from home


Every single parent goes through this emotional struggle, but it’s important to know that children are much more resilient than you think. Children pick up on your emotions and are sensitive to the change in circumstance, but they also understand more than you realise, and in the long run they will appreciate that you went to work to provide a better life and future for them.

Children can also be guilty of tugging the heart strings to get a reaction from you too, so it is often leaves us with the question, how do you cope with managing your situation and feeling better about yourself and how your managing?

There are many things you can do to help you through the difficult times, but here are a few suggestions to maintain your own health, feel more fulfilled personally an  nurture your children:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, friends, your boss or your local community support groups. There is nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it.
  2. Stop beating yourself up as it won’t help. Instead focus your mind on what you can do to make it better.
  3. Do your best – as that is all you can do.
  4. Schedule some quality time in with your kids each week so you can all connect and have fun together. You will find that even if its short bursts of quality time where they will get your undivided attention you will all feel much better for it.
  5. Ensure you get enough sleep so you can maintain your juggling act as this will help to keep you strong and maintain a good perspective.
  6. Schedule some time to focus on yourself when you can do the things you enjoy. Fun is important as it helps to increase your happiness levels!

Remember that being a happier parent will help your children to feel happier. Don’t be so hard on yourself and focus on the good things that you can do, rather than all the things that you can’t.

You only live once so whatever your situation you have to do your best to make the most of it. That is all anyone can ask of you. So put these tips into action and watch how your situation improves.

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