Benefits of Having Children Help You Cook

Cooking with your children can have many benefits for their development. It is a practical skill that has been passed down for eons. Without knowing how to cook or prepare foods, humankind wouldn’t be able to survive. Aside from teaching the children a useful and practical skill, what other benefits can be derived from the activity? cook1

1. Bonding – A shared experience with your child can have a great impact in the bonding process between you. A child loves to feel useful and helping you in the kitchen gives him or her that sensation. It can become a moment in the child’s life that can turn into a positive memory. The moment can last throughout his or her lifetime as an experience shared with you.

2. Sense of Pride – A child can feel a great sense of pride as he or she helps create a tasty dish for the family. Pride can lead to confidence which is greatly beneficial for a child. The more confident he or she is in regards to success, the better the child’s outlook on life in general can become. This could lead to a great deal of opportunities later in life.

3. Self-Improvement – Of course you can teach children recipes you already know. However, there is nothing wrong with opening the cook book and finding something new to share with your little one. Attempt a recipe you’ve never done before and share in the triumph with your child. Not only will your child learn how to prepare the dish, but it can be a recipe you can add to your own collection. You’ll be amazed by the joy the process can bring to a young aspiring cook.


4. Assistant Chef – There are many times when having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen can be greatly beneficial to yourself. Depending on the age and abilities of the child, the experience can reduce the stress of trying to manage all aspects of the meal yourself. Although it may be a recipe that you can manage on your own, you can relax knowing that you have someone that can grab the butter or other ingredients while you prepare.

5. Substitute Cook – You don’t want to prepare meals while you’re sick. You could inadvertently spread the illness to others in the household. Teaching your children how to cook can give you a substitute. Of course the age and maturity of the child will play heavily on his or her abilities. You don’t want your six-year old playing around with a hot burner. However, you can rely on a teen or tween to help out by cooking dinner while your fever keeps you in bed.

Cooking is a useful skill to have and develop when young. Your child doesn’t have to grow to be a professional chef, but they can greatly benefit from learning how to prepare meals for themselves and others. Invite your children into the kitchen once in a while and share an experience they’ll remember for years to come.

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