Are you a woman of destiny?

What does it mean when you hear the term of endearment; I am a woman of destiny?  Does that mean they know exactly where they are going, what the future holds or does it mean they have purpose?  Think about this for a while.  The answers would be different based on your experience, goals, motivation, interests and beliefs.  Knowing exactly where you are going means you have made plans and by all means you are determined come what may, good or bad, money or no money, light or dark, high or low, you know your destiny and you have a dogged determination through the troubles to triumph to be a winner and victorious.

Having a purpose gives a trajectory into the future.  You have goals, aims and objectives set and no matter the weather or season in your life you will achieve it.  However, word of caution, be open to what you had in mind may change from time to time and try your best not to see it as discouragement, but, it is another level that you need to climb to reach your victory.  Remember giving up or giving in to temporary feelings of rejection and delay is not an option.  Keep moving forward because we were created to keep moving.  Look at your body all the key access areas are at the front not the back.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Now that we have established where we are, now we need to find the purpose that we need to fulfil while we occupy a space of abundance and fullness of life on earth.  I want to look at one inspirational woman in the book of Judges 4 and 5, her name is Deborah. She was a leader, a prophetess, a singer, humble, a judge, wife, servant of God, businesswoman, commander, assertive, she had a made up mind for God and above all that she had purpose, a destiny, she was fulfilling the purpose and will of God, she was responsible for bringing the people of God back to Him.  She prioritised and put the needs of God’s children above her own instead of chasing after the selfish pursuits of the day.  Women of destiny are created but it takes a process to find our purpose, our destiny.  Be committed to fulfilling destiny for the plans that God has for us are for good, not to harm us , for us to prosper,  to have an abundant future and a hope (paraphrased Jeremiah 29:11 NIV) for the best is yet to come.

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