Airtasker and property expert, Phil Spencer help Londoners with their home move

New research from Airtasker, the local services marketplace, found that almost one in three Londoners still plan to move in 2022. Airtasker’s new Move Right Report and Phil Spencer’s tips, will help prepare you for the big move.

With rising costs of living, Airtasker has launched its 2022 Move Right Report, to help Londoners navigate their moving journey. The report identified budgeting as the most difficult part of moving with nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) having exceeded their budget by up to £1,000.

Of those who moved in the past year, Londoners overspent by £404 on average – that’s £243M overspent on moving costs in London alone! In addition to budgeting, the report also showed that finding the right professionals (38%) and not knowing where to start (36%) were considered the most difficult parts of a home move.


To make moving easier in the current climate, Airtasker has teamed up with seasoned property expert and TV presenter, Phil Spencer, to discuss the research findings, offer advice and insight about how movers can manage the increased cost of living.

Phil Spencer comments, “We’re heading into London’s moving season, where many people will be embarking on their moving journey and searching for ways to do it easily and more affordably”.  

“Higher living costs means Brits may be feeling uncertain about moving house this year, which is why I’m thrilled to be working with the Airtasker team to help educate Brits about how they can prepare for the moving process, do their due diligence and tackle their to-do-lists.”.

According to the report, unexpected or “hidden” costs may be the reason Londoners are overspending. When asked about “hidden” moving costs, top areas of overspending included van hire (45%), moving supplies (35%) and connection fees / utility services (33%).

Founder and CEO of Airtasker, Tim Fung, said “Our report showed that finding the right professionals was a key pain point when moving, so we hope to spark some joy by connecting Londoners with skilled experts who can help.

“We’re super excited to team up with property guru Phil Spencer to share his practical moving tips to help Londoners learn more about the moving process and how they can prepare for the big day.

“Whether it’s finding a removalist, someone to set up your WiFi or even a dog walker for moving day –  Airtasker can help you tick more off your to-do list. Simply post a task and set your price so you can manage your budget,” he said.


Phil Spencer’s Top Five Tips for a Smooth Move 

  1. On the move? Nail your checklist (and do it early)

Write yourself a moving checklist and do it early so you can map out your to-do list and timeline for what’s involved with your move. I’d recommend writing your checklist as soon as you’ve decided you’d like to move or at three months before you move. 

Think methodically when you write your checklist and don’t forget to include any small tasks as these often go a long way to help things run smoothly! I’d always recommend de-cluttering your space, getting rid of any unwanted items (and/or donating to charity) one month before your move so you’re not packing any unnecessary items on moving day. 

Notifying your suppliers and redirecting mail is another one to add to the checklist, and I’d recommend doing this one month before your move date. Notify your bank, utility providers and insurance company of your new address to ensure your mail doesn’t go missing. 


  1. Recruit expert help for your to-do list

Moving is a big milestone, but it also comes with a pretty big to-do list. Once you’ve got your checklist sorted, consider which tasks you’ll need help with. For instance, you might decide that you can take care of packing, but that you’ll need a tech expert to help with your WiFi set up at your new place.  

Consider using open marketplaces, like Airtasker, to find skilled service providers who can help you tick more off your to-do list. From removalists to cleaners to furniture assemblers, Airtasker can help with a range of moving tasks. Simply post a task, set your price and choose from rated experts who can help straight away!  


  1. Order packing boxes in a variety of sizes (you can always re-use them)

My number one packing tip is to order your packing boxes in a range of different sizes, and if in doubt, order more boxes that you think you’ll need as you can always re-use them. Don’t forget to also buy packing tape and any proactive wrap for delegate items. 

Start packing in the least-used room, and make sure you label your boxes as you go (you can even take photos of the inside of boxes to help you find your contents quicker). Save time by leaving clothes on hangers and  make sure you protect lids of liquids to avoid any spillage in transit. 

Keep daily essentials at the top of your boxes for easy access later – things like your phone charger or toothbrush.  


  1. Ensure the property is child or pet-friendly 

Before you move, consider if the property is child or pet-friendly and take any precautions like getting power point protectors, a microwave lock or corner protectors for coffee tables or sharp edges. If you have a furry friend, consider whether you’ll need to get a dog door installed. 


  1. Do your due diligence on moving day (and change your locks) 

Do a walkthrough the property to ensure everything is in order. It’s worth doing your own inventory by taking photos of any damage or concerns which you can raise with the agent. If you haven’t already – ask the agent or landlord where the main stopcock is based and where you can find the gas and electricity metres to take readings. Remember to change your locks when you move for peace of mind. 


Ease your move by posting a task on Airtasker today.

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