A Mum’s ways to distract children from using the tablet, PC, iphone and ipads

It’s not been too long ago when we completed half term, time off from school where you can get up late, have a lie in and just a huge break from doing the school run and the Easter holidays are coming soon.  However, we are faced with something different, what can I do that is not expensive to entertain and distract children at home?  Some families go on holidays and some families just explore their local attractions.  It is a little bit of a distraction for them to be given the tablet, PC, iphone and ipads. The experts report that too much screen time is not good and it should be stopped at least one hour before bedtime to get relaxed, for the brain to slow down so they can settle easier.  I have found ten ways to distract the children from these devices. Check them out. 

  1. Limit the time on the tablet.

You can tell your kids that they will have about 30 minutes to 1 hour and then we have to choose to do something else interactive to help build and foster social skills.

  1. Charge the tablet up to a certain level maybe 10-15%.

This will give them a bit of flavour for the tablet but you are still maintaining control over that time spent on these devices and what they are watching or playing.  Make sure you have set online safety and security to create and maintain a safe online environment.  For example, Sky has broadband shield for that safe online experience.

  1. Have only 1 tablet if you have more than 1 child.

This will help to teach and encourage them to share, to listen to each other and possibly reduce any sibling animosity towards each other and conflict resolution.

  1. Get lots of fresh air

Walk to the shops, take the bus and sometimes just sit at the front or back of the house and look at the sky, look at the clouds, listen to the birds singing and feel the wind on your face.

  1. Spend time with them

I wonder where these children get their energy?  They can be relentless.  I took my two children to the park for about two hours hoping that they would be tired and would need a rest but that was not the case, they wanted me to take them to one of those soft play areas for another 2 hours.  Wow, it’s great.

  1. Play games.

Make up games.  Play hide and seek, pretend singing games, dress up games and if you are unable to go to the park or you do not have a garden do some creative drawing.

  1. Distract the child with other things.

In the evenings, look at the sunset, get them to tell you about the colours, get them to tell you how they feel while watching the sunset.  At nights, look out the window at the stars and the moon on a clear night.  Visit friends and family.

  1. Drawing, colouring, writing stories.

Generally, children enjoy spending time with their parents and it is all part of development.

  1. Build your own games room if you have the space.

  2. Get them to write a story about how they spent their day.

This could end up being a great children’s bestseller sold in bookstores all around the world.

  1. Stretch their minds.

Your aim is to get them to think outside the box, to learn to problem solve and to critically analyse situations set before them to help them make constructive and wise decisions.


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