8 Top tips for shopping with a newborn

Shopping with a newborn can be a big milestone or a very stressful event based on how you handle it. All new parents face this dilemma. Leaving the comfortable nest you have made in your home and stepping out in the world with your newborn can be a huge deal and it is natural to feel overwhelming. But there is no need to stress it, here are some tips to help you with shopping for your newborn and get down with the long-pending errands.

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  1. Pick the right time

The key to your shopping success is to decide when to schedule the outing. Your schedule will depend on your little one’s schedule and it can be tricky since it varies from day to day. However, when possible, you can try to plan the trips and errands to the supermarket or the grocery store around their naps. Remember to always carry a car seat safety head support in case they sleep in the car while you are on the way back. Consider which time will work best for the little one and have a plan for when you can take off for the shopping trip.

  1. Ask someone to join you

It is okay to ask for help at least when you are going out with your newborn. If there is someone accompanying you, it could be a huge help and makes the task so much easier. They can keep the baby entertained or just push the baby in the stroller while you fill the cart with groceries. You could also ask your partner to go to the store with you so that it becomes easier to handle the baby. If your partner cannot make it, ask a friend or a family member to join in.

  1. Carry the right stroller

If you have the right kind of stroller for the baby, your job becomes so much easier. Choose something compact and easy to fold and unfold. This way, you can move in and out of the car and the grocery store with ease.

  1. Check the diaper bag

You need to take out time to pack the diaper bag properly. It should have everything you may need for the shopping trip. Right from the wipes to the diapers and an extra outfit, you will need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. If it is going to be a long day, do remember to pack something for yourself too. You might need an extra shirt or some snacks. You can either keep the diaper bag in the storage compartment of the stroller or carry it on your shoulder.

  1. Feed them

You must be aware of the fact that newborns can be unpredictable. Hence, you must make sure you feed them before you leave for the errands. They may still need extra feeding when you are out but be sure you always have them fed before you leave. It will keep them happy and full. In case you are nursing, you need to carry nursing pads and a nursing cover. Those bottle feeding should carry formula and a clean bottle and when you settle to feed, you need to flip the lock on the stroller so that it remains in place.

  1. Park right

If possible, park as close to the store entrance as you can. There are many things that will come in your way and even a few minutes of chaos can make you overwhelmed. This is why a spot close to the entrance will ensure less walking and you will be able to bring the cart closer to your car and handle the items without any hitch.

  1. Carry comfort items

You might have found some items that bring comfort to your child. It could be a toy, a pacifier (use dummy clips to ensure it never gets lost or thrown out of the pushchair) or a book they’ve become attached to. No matter what it is, you should bring it along with you in case your child begins to fuss. It is a big deal for your newborn. The environment is full of new smells, sounds, and sights and it could be overwhelming for them. It is at such times that a comfort item can make them feel safe and secure.

  1. Carry a list

Always have a list of items you are looking to buy. This will ensure you maintain complete focus while at the store. With a little one in tow, you need to keep the trip as short as possible and before you leave the house, have the list handy.

Keep these tips in mind when you step out shopping with your newborn. Always try to head to the store that is closer to your home and is familiar to you, so that you can get things done easily and quickly.

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