7 Ways to Turn Your Children into Leaders

In a recent Forbes article, leadership expert and author Dr. Tim Elmore discussed the way parents stop their children from becoming leaders. However, there are ways to help them learn to be leaders too.

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Here are seven ways you can nurture your children’s leadership potential:

1. Let them get hurt – Being injured is a part of life. Falling down, failing at a task, or losing a friendship is something we have all experienced. However many parents try to protect their children from feeling any pain. In the long term, this is actually harmful as the child learns to fear pain in an abstract way. Phobias and other issues can result. Instead, let them be kids and don’t try to shelter them from the small pains we all need to grow.

2. Let them solve problems alone – Another aspect of feeling pain is failing at something. When parents step in too quickly, children fail to fail… taking away crucial learning opportunities. Failing and trying again teaches perseverance and a good work ethic.

3. Give praise when praise is due – In a self-esteem culture, praise is king. However too much praise becomes white noise. If you are praised for everything then praise means nothing. Instead, try only to praise your children for real accomplishments and hard work.

4. Say no – It can be hard to say no when you can say yes, but should you? Children should not always get what they want as that makes them selfish and unprepared for real life. Making them work for some things they want is a good way to teach them that not everything comes easy.

5. Talk to them – Sharing your own experiences is not only a way to bond with your child but can also help them to understand the world better. If a friend is mean to them you can share an similar experience you have had and tell them how you maturely handled it. Children will mimic their parents, so helping them to see what the wise thing is to do is paramount.

6. Be a leader – Speaking of children mimicking parents, you have to be a leader to have children who are leaders. In your life take leadership roles. This can be as simple as volunteering to lead a school group or taking the reins during a holiday and creating an itinerary. Show your children that leaders listen respectfully, take care of the needs of others, and make wise decisions.

7. Practice independence – Last, help your children to practice independence. Depending on their age and maturity level give them opportunities to do things on their own. From paying the cashier to planning the family meal, your child can take small steps to become a leader at any age.

As you can see, there are many ways to help your children become strong individuals and great leaders. It all starts at home so make sure you are thinking long-term and giving your children what they really need.

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