7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom

When it comes down to giving our children a loving and wholesome upbringing, one of the most important factors is their education. We want to provide our children with the opportunities we may never have had and in many cases, try to save them from the mistakes we made whilst growing up. Whether that means growing up in a situation with very few opportunities, not choosing to continue with further education or even going down a career path that wasn’t meant to be.

All these problems often stem down to education and as a parent, there is only so much input we can give. After all, many of us have children that are schooled outside of the home. It’s a sad reality, but our children’s teachers spend more hours in the day with our children than we do.

With that in mind, the bigger impact we have on our children after school hours and often, within the home, is crucial. Installing an educational wallpaper, globe or bookshelf in your child’s bedroom won’t only educate them in a fun way, but will invigorate and inspire them to learn every day. Read on to find out 7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom.

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a massive comeback in recent years with regards to interior design and its relationship with education is no exception. There is a vast array of educational wallpapers out there from colourful world maps, solar systems, animals, as well as wallpapers to encourage imagination such as pirates and princesses. The list really is endless. Instead of putting up with blank, painted walls, give your child an educational wallpaper mural to stimulate their minds from a young age. If you want to get a feel for all the options available, take a look here where you’ll be able to browse through some of the best wallpapers available right now.

Are you renting? After all, most of us mums in London are renting! Worry not. You can purchase self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper that can be gently removed without causing damage to the wall. That means you won’t fall out with the landlord and are sure to get your full deposit back.

Removable wallpaper is also excellent for changing up the feel of your child’s bedroom as they grow up. Simply peel off the old wallpaper mural and replace with a new one. Simples!

  1. Chalkboard

One way to make your child’s bedroom more interactive as well as educational is to buy a chalkboard. They can practice their motor skills, write stories, revise their timetables or even play teachers.

There’s a great selection of chalkboards available: standard pull out easels, box storage easels or even desks where you can draw straight onto the desktop. Or, why not find a whiteboard easel? Just be aware that pens stains are much harder to get out of the carpet than chalk…

  1. Rugs

As well as cosy under the toes, there are many educational and colourful rugs that would be perfect for your child’s bedroom. You can buy a number of fun rugs that are printed with the letters of the alphabet, numbers with visual aids as well as colour and shape names. If you want to encourage imagination and role play, there are fantastic town and road rugs which your child can zoom their toy cars around. If your child is particularly struggling to tell the time (a common problem for many children) you can even buy clock face mats that have adjustable hour and minute hands. Maybe your child loves geography or science? There are plenty of stunning map and solar system rugs to help them learn the names of the continents or planets.

  1. Bed covers

Do you have a young Picasso living in your house? To encourage their artistic skills even further, buy a washable doodle duvet cover. Ultimately creative and fun, it really makes you want to be a kid again!

The beauty of a doodle duvet cover is that they often come with washable pens and when the covers are ready to be cleaned, they can be washed and will look brand new!

  1. Globe of the world

If you’re more old school and would rather have a traditional globe that a wallpaper map or rug, there is a great collection out there.

Choose a globe that lights up at night to show the star constellations, a jigsaw puzzle globe or an interactive globe that gives your child habitat and country facts with the aid of a video. You can even buy inflatable globes that can be drawn on to: great practice for your child’s writing as well as learning about the planet.

  1. Role play areas

Role play is so important towards our children’s development. It improves imagination, problem-solving skills, communication/social skills and aids towards their physical growth.

Of course, most schools offer role play areas in KS1 classrooms, but why limit it to their school? Also, after KS1, role-play opportunities can be taken away when role-play is still beneficial for that age.

So, offering our children a pretend kitchen area or hospital corner would be amazing. It doesn’t even have to rob the bank. Ask your local supermarket for free, large cardboard boxes to build anything your child’s heart desires: a dollhouse, rocket or car. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Bookcases

Bookcases: it’s a classic one but oh so important. With a bookcase in the corner of your child’s bedroom, you’re making reading accessible at all times. As well as keeping the bedroom floor book free (as much as possible), your child’s favourite books will be easier to find and will be placed so attractively on display that they won’t be able to resist picking one up.


Instilling reading from a young age is so crucial so why not instal a bookcase to make their bedroom more educational? Reading not only teaches your child to read, it improves spelling, comprehension and imaginative writing.

Do you feel ready to introduce education into your child’s bedroom? Whether you decide to opt for just one of our ideas or all 7, we’re sure you will start to see a difference in your child’s learning.


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