5 Ways to Improve Family Life Balance

As a parent managing the school run, extracurricular activities, work deadlines, family and social engagements as well as making family time a priority can be a constant challenge! So what’s the solution? Here are my suggested 5 ways to improve family life balance.

Family 5 Walking Away in Park

1 Getting organised

Get into this mindset by thinking about the week ahead and anticipate your family’s needs and focus on any specific events such as extra lessons or matches. To save precious time prepare uniform, pack bags, food shop and cook in advance as possible. Give your children responsibilities such as packing their own extracurricular activity bags and give them the responsibility of specific jobs around the house such as filling the dishwasher.

2 Establish a Relaxed Routine

I cannot stress enough how important a routine is for meal times, home work and bedtimes. It really helps everyone know what is expected of them and when. However design the routine to make it work for you and your needs and don’t feel pressurized to put your children to bed at a certain time just because you have read it in a book.

mum with sleeping toddler

3 Stick to Clear Boundaries

Respecting boundaries are crucial for all relationships in life. Communicate with your family what is acceptable and unacceptable. This can include areas such as meal times and letting your child take ownership for keeping their bedroom tidy which also helps embed a good routine.

4 Keep it simple

Family time has a different meaning for every family however really simple activities can be the best. Switch off your phone and any other distractions and really focus on your children and do things like baking, going to the park, bike rides, playing games and have family chats. You will be amazed at what your children find fun, how imaginative they are and their observations regardless of their age!

5 Switching to Plan B

As parents we make great plans which we think our kids will love and sometimes we get it wrong! If your plan has gone wrong ask your children what they would like to do instead as family time is all about have fun, laughing, doing something different and building happy memories!

I challenge you to get organised, have a routine and implement boundaries which will help you manage your time and then to start building in meaningful and fun family time and feel the benefits for you and your children.

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