5 reasons why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your finances

Money is a difficult topic to discuss, even with those close to you, and especially if you’re struggling. It can be hard to open up when you have a fear of being judged, but ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Instead of feeling embarrassed, embrace your situation in order to open your mind to solving the issues. Keep reading for five reasons why you should be far from embarrassed about your financial situation.

  1. Don’t forget that even the most successful people started somewhere

It’s easy to look at what other people have and forget that they had to start out somewhere, too. Instead of assuming people were born with it all, take a deeper look into their careers and how they got to the point they are now. Not only will it inspire you to achieve your goals, but it’ll also reassure you that there’s no need to be embarrassed about your finances. Even the most successful people had money struggles at one point in their lives. From talk show hosts to CEOs, you can read some inspirational stories here.


  1. There’s no shame in seeking help

Sometimes things go wrong, no matter how hard you budget. It’s important to breathe deeply and think of a plan rather than panicking. There are plenty of options that don’t involve borrowing the extra cash from family if you don’t want to share your financial situation with them just yet. If you need the funds to cover an emergency, a loan without a guarantor from Sunny could be a good option. You will only be offered one of these if you pass the lender’s credit checks, to ensure you can comfortably afford to repay the loan. If approved you can tackle an emergency expense without fuss. You can pay off the balance over time using monthly instalments to spread the cost of the emergency.


  1. You’re not alone

While it may seem like you’re the only one struggling with money, that’s actually far from true. According to The Money Charity, the Citizens Advice Bureau dealt with 4,244 new debt problems every day in March 2017 alone. Instead of struggling in silence, it’s much easier to reach out and speak to a not-for-profit service to get some expert advice. There’s no need to be embarrassed about this; the statistics show that they would have seen it all before and won’t judge you in the slightest. If you’re not ready to reach out to an expert, try talking to a trusted friend or family member – you’ll soon realise that you aren’t alone and the support will lift a weight off of your shoulders.


  1. Money doesn’t equal personal worth

Money isn’t a measure of your personal worth, nor will it affect how your loved ones see you. Material possessions don’t often reflect how rich you are in personality and love; your friends will care more about how you treat them over how much you earn per hour. Embarrassment often comes from fear of being judged, but would you really want to be close to those who judge you based on a salary? When you acknowledge what else you have to offer the world, you’ll realise that your financial situation isn’t something to be embarrassed about. Although it’s natural to want more money, just remember you have more to offer than that.


  1. Focus on what you do have

Focus on what you do have and you may realise making a few small changes could actually boost your financial situation. We’re all guilty of overspending or not budgeting properly, so instead of feeling embarrassed, start working on what you can cut back on. You should still put some money aside for treats, but small changes such as bringing lunches to work rather than buying them all week could save you a considerable amount. 


With these five reasons in mind, you should no longer feel embarrassed about your financial situation. Seek out help when you need, focus on the good that you already have and remember that other people are in the same boat and could even offer support in trying times.

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