4 Ways to make your life greener

Whether you’re an eco-warrior or just starting your journey towards sustainability, everyone can help make steps towards making our daily lives more eco-friendly. No eco-friendly choice is too small or too big for preserving our planet; however, for some living, a greener lifestyle may seem like an arduous task.

Due to the heightened focus, we have on the well-being of our planet in our modern world, newer, greener solutions are being devised every day to help make the switch to green easier. So much so that for those just beginning their journey toward sustainability, knowing which areas of eco-friendly living to concentrate on can be challenging. Whether you start small by cycling to work or throw yourself in the deep end and switch from a gas motor to an electric using electric car leasing deals.

Making environmentally conscious swaps doesn’t just mean ditching the plastic bags; it means making everyday choices that help us become more aware of protecting wildlife, reducing pollution, saving natural resources, and slowing the rate of climate change. Knowing where to begin isn’t easy; here are our simple ways to make your life greener – no matter how small or big the difference.


Drive Greener

 There are over thirty million drivers in the UK alone, so it is no surprise that one of the main contributors to climate change is emissions from vehicles on the road causing air pollution. Most of these harmful greenhouse gas emissions come from passenger cars. So, if you currently drive a standard petrol-driven car, swapping petrol for electric is one of the best lifestyle swaps to reduce your personal environmental impact.

As well as being better for the environment, making the swap from petrol to electric boasts a range of benefits for drivers. We outline a few below:

  • Electric cars are just as safe, or potentially safer, than traditional petrol-fuelled vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain than their petrol-fuelled counterparts due to having fewer parts.
  • Those who drive electric cars don’t have to worry about the additional expense of petrol.
  • There are several charging stations across the country, with more rapidly popping up and many more benefits.


Reap these benefits for yourself and consider swapping petrol to electric today. Suppose you are reluctant to commit fully and purchase an electric car. You could consider electric car leasing deals, which are less expensive than buying outright and offers you more flexibility.

With a wide range of electric cars for lease and competitive prices, consider browsing the ElectriX website for more information or contact them directly to learn how switching from petrol to electric could help you reduce your environmental impact today.


Reuse Your Leftovers

The UK population alone contributes to 9.5 million tons of food wastage in a single year; therefore, rethinking how you use your leftovers is another way to reduce your environmental impact. Not only can reusing your leftovers help the amount of food wastage going to landfills, but it can also help your wallet, as you’ll be spending less on groceries.


Some ways that you can rethink what you do with leftovers are as follows:

  • Use leftovers to create kitchen compost, a natural way of recycling or can be used as a fertiliser if you have a green thumb.
  • Today’s leftovers can be tomorrow’s lunch; use whatever is left the following day as lunch for your children or yourself.
  • Turn them into a new dish, go onto the internet and look up recipes for casseroles, soups, pie fillings etc., that can be made from leftovers.
  • If you don’t fancy using them again this week, divide them into containers and put them into the freezer. Easy meal planning!


Say No To The Bag

Plastic bags pose one of the biggest threats to our ecosystem since they usually are single-use before going to landfills. Once a plastic bag is at a landfill, it will take one thousand years to decompose, and even then, it doesn’t disintegrate completely. Instead, it becomes microplastics that absorb toxins and continue to pollute the planet.


Not to mention the hassle they cause for wildlife, who either mistook them for food or get tangled up in them. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is to decline the offer of a bag whenever you go into a store. Strive to bring your own bags, regardless of whether they are meant to be reusable or not. Continue using them until they break once the bag has served its purpose, whether paper, plastic or cloth; ensure that you dispose of it properly by taking it to a recycling centre.


Purchase Second-Hand

Another way that you can reduce your environmental impact is by limiting your purchases and only buying what you need. If you must make a purchase, then you can reduce its ecological impact by striving to purchase second-hand from online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay or at charity shops.


You can find a little bit of everything at a charity shop, providing that you are willing to look. Most of these purchases can be just as good as brand new, and you’ll be giving it a second lease of life which will reduce its environmental footprint by half.

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