Organising Your Home Office

For those who are freelancing, it is highly likely that you work from a home office. Easily assessable and cheaper, a home office offers you the practicality of a regular office whilst including your home comforts.

Keeping a home office organised can be difficult, with the masses of paperwork and the wires running to all your equipment it can really look a mess. Keeping it organised can save you a lot of time and effort, rather than spending hours looking for something you will be able to just put your hand on it straight away. But if you’re not sure where to start, we have put together a list of ways that you can organise your home office. 

Maximise Wall Space

While you might like the rest of the house to look simplistic and clear, the office may need to look a little busier. Add a few shelves to hold your important folders and equipment, hang a white board to write your reminders on or even hang pen pots on the wall to keep them from cluttering up your desk. Maximising the wall space can help you clear the clutter whilst keeping all your important documents safe.

Use Labels

If you have an abundance of files it might be difficult to find what it is you’re looking for, by labelling each folder it will give you some direction when filling and finding things. It you have more than one folder for the same thing it might be useful to put the date on the label or to have an index on the front with its contents. It’s also a good idea to label any wires, that way if you need to unplug any you will know what they are for. Alternatively, you could switch to wireless technology to help declutter.

Reorganise Book Shelves

Over the years you can accumulate various books on many different things for your business, but do you really need them all. Try and clear the way for some new books for your field or alternatively organise them in a specific order that suited to you. Often when you need a book on something specific it can’t be found; this way you will be able to just check which section it should be in and read it.

Use Draw Dividers

It’s often daunting to look in your office draws and although you’re working from home you might still find the odd snack in your drawer. To keep everything in place, try using drawer dividers. Place any staplers, paper clips and tape in one section, post-it notes in another and any food in a separate space. It will maximise any space that you have in the draws whilst creating a neat and tidy space for you to use.

Have A Clear Out

It’s amazing how much you can accumulate during the hours spent in your home office. The best way to fix this is to have a monthly clear out, at the end of the month go through everything on your desk. Fill away the essentials and bin the things that you don’t need. By doing this monthly it will help you to keep on top of it.

On the other hand, you might be working in an office building, in which case many of these may not apply. However, some still will apply and there’s nothing stopping you from keeping your area at work clean and tidy. You might also be switching from a home office to an office building, it might seem daunting at first but if you stick to keeping your area organised it will be fine. Click here for more information on finding the right office space.


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