The Zen of working school holidays

The school holidays are upon us.  Six whole weeks of summer fun.  As a mumpreneur, isn’t it great to have complete flexibility over your school holidays?

No more haggling with childless colleagues to swap holiday dates. No more pleading with the boss to give you time off during “his busiest time of the year”.

So ladies, do you feel ready for the holidays?

The Zen of working school holidays

Or are you ringing your hands in desperation and wondering “how on earth am I going to manage work while the kids are at home?”

Well, here are my tried and tested tips which will stop you tearing your hair out!

1. Reduce your workload: The fact is that your clients, customers and friends will all be in the same position – rushing around at the last minute trying to tie up the loose ends before they take a break.  So don’t panic.  Just focus on what’s most important – e.g. if you’re freelancing, that might be finishing off client work.  Or if you have an eCommerce Business, that might be setting up systems in place to manage your orders while you’re away.  And don’t forget that friendly “Out of Office” greeting in your mailbox, to let everyone know that you will out, but will be checking messages for anything urgent.

 2. Plan set ‘work days’ or ‘hours’: The reality is that few of us with our own business can afford to leave it unmanned for 6 whole weeks.  So set a couple of work days, or some time each evening, to check up on those urgent messages or admin.  You’ll feel less stressed about your workload if you know that you can dip in occasionally to keep things ticking over.  Do communicate this to the family too, so that they know what to expect.

 3. Keep professional calls to a minimum:  If you really have to make professional calls, try to relegate them to your designated work day.  This may well mean telling your clients in advance, or even including this in your ‘Out Of Office’ message so they know when they can contact you.  And anyway, speaking from experience, it’s impossible to have a conversation with a client while the kids are runing in and out of the house, yelling at the top of their voices!

Family Eating Meal Together In Kitchen

4. Make mealtimes quick and simple: It’s supposed to be a holiday for you too you know! There’s no schedule to stick to, so why not just rustle up something that’s easy to prepare, so that you can sit down and enjoy it together.

5. Put the kids to bed early: Check out all the fab activities here on London Mums to keep them busy and entertained, and then put them to bed early and grab some well deserved ‘me’ time!

And one final note, I find that the summer holidays is the ideal time to slow down (well, at least a little) and take stock of my business goals, or even plan new ones.

I love being able to look forward to August/September as a new Term for me as well as the kids.  It means we all get to have another go at raising the bar for what we want to achieve in the months ahead.

Have fun!

Mary Cummings

Photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin cc

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