TV star Carrie Grant talks to London Mums about Red Nose Day and life as a busy mum of 4

It’s a real honour to have interviewed Carrie Grant, a British vocal coach, TV presenter and singer. You may remember her from a Cbeebies show Carrie and David’s Popshop where she gave singing tips to kids with her husband and a fluffy doggy as a DJ. Carrie is supporting Comic Relief and I have caught up with her to talk Red Nose Day and her life as a busy mum of 4. Carrie Grant interview Red Nose Day Main-6916

A whole host of comedians and celebrities are coming together to support this year’s Red Nose Day 2017 on Friday 24th March. For the first time ever there will also be live comedy gigs taking place around the UK in the lead up to Red Nose Day 2017 as well as an original series of online comedy sketches, written by and starring a host of up and coming talent, which will feature on Comic Relief’s YouTube channel. All of this comedy energy is being harnessed to help those who really need it, particularly people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and across Africa.

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Carrie Grant and family are wearing limited edition HomeSense aprons designed by celebrated British photographer Rankin to support Red Nose Day 2017 and help people living incredibly tough lives across Africa and here in the UK. The apron is part of a Red Nose Day 2017 range of products available in HomeSense stores nationwide.

Q: Carrie you are involved in a lot of charity work. Since I watched your show Carrie and David’s Popshop you struck me to be a very good person at heart. What are you doing right now for Red Nose Day?
It’s a real honour to be involved in such a tremendous cause and be a part of Red Nose Day. Having seen the transformation that Comic Relief’s support delivers to projects in the UK, we are very passionate supporters of the charity. I hope people will be inspired to buy an apron and bake as a family to raise some dough and help transform lives, here in the UK and across Africa. My Father lived and died in Sierra Leone and it was great to take a trip there a few years ago with Comic Relief to see what the amazing work looks like on the ground and what a difference it makes to people’s lives.

Q: What’s your favourite baking recipe? Do you bake or cook with the children at home?

CG: We bake at home all the time, in fact on Imogen’s birthday last month she made her own cakes. One big Victoria Sandwich and 40 cup cakes. When she got home from school the cakes had been turned into a Pokemon scene complete with 30 pokeballs.

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Q:  Your daughter Olivia is a very talented young actress. What would you say parents should do to encourage and develop their children’s talent without having much money to spend on classes or tutors?

CG: The great thing about the arts is that they don’t have to cost a fortune. Singing and song-writing cost nothing. I do think exposure to great artists has a real influence on a young person’s developing art so trawling the internet and watching what’s going on out there can be really inspiring. If you want to get more technical there’s also lots of stuff online. We have an online vocal coaching course and there are plenty out there.

Q: How do you juggle your career with being a mum of 4?

CG: If I’m honest, I find it really hard juggling being a Mum and working. Our children all have special needs and David and I take care of them pretty much 100% of the time which means we have to job share. I am stretched to my limits but I am also aware that we chose to have four children so we have to find ways of maintaining this big life we chose. To be honest the biggest challenges we face are with school and authorities, trying to access help, that takes up so much time. The kids themselves are amazing and magical and I wouldn’t want them to be any other way. I have to admit, sometimes going to work does feel like respite care!

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Q: If you were Queen of Britain what would you do first?

CG: Make Celebrating Difference a compulsory subject at school. I can’t think of a time in my lifetime when we have needed this more.

Q: What is your parenting style?

CG: Because of our children’s ages and needs (Olivia 22yrs has ADHD and Dyspraxia, Talia 15yrs has Aspergers, Imogen 11yrs has High Functioning Autism and our adopted son Nathan 7yrs has Attachment Disorder and ADHD) we have to have four different parenting styles. When we set out on our parenting journey we had a very clear picture of what our family would look like. We thought we would be one of those families you see in a restaurant and think, wow aren’t those children all well behaved. It wasn’t to be and we have had to adapt. Now we run parenting courses and support groups in our home. We have had to learn how to be Superparents. The usual techniques would never work with our children. We have a huge amount of strategies and as a result of some of the training we’ve done now feel like we are able to read our kids and respond in a way that gets the best from them.


Q: Where do you like to take your children in London?

CG: Our children love London and we are often out and about. We go to the theatre, we go out to eat or visit some of the attractions like The Shard or Covent Garden. We also like going out locally. We have Mega Jump, Go Ape and Ice Skating at Alexandra Palace all close by.


Q: Who is the person who has inspired you the most throughout your life and why?

CG: I think my Mum, she brought my brother and I up alone. I was the only child of divorced parents in my class and back then it carried real shame. She taught me to be proud of myself, she taught me that I could do anything in life if I worked hard, she constantly encouraged me and believed in me completely. Everyone needs one person who believes in them totally.

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Q: How would you like to be remembered?

CG: As someone who never gave up, who loved unconditionally and who believed in people.

Q: What are you up to next?

CG: This week I am interviewing Marc Almond for the One Show and next week I have Gabrielle. I love that show as I get to meet all my heroes! I’m also writing a book about parenting but more of that to come!


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