Trends: Britain faces a massive clear out as many people decide to make working from home official in 2021

2020 was a year when Britons were forced to work from home, however according to new research, it seems as if 2021 will be the year when many of us choose to make working from home official. The Access Working From Home Guide is available here to help you create a stress-free home office this year. 

A study of over 1000 people commissioned by Access Self Storage found that 63% of people who worked from home for more than six months in 2020 now plan to make it a regular part of their future work life, with 38% planning to reorganise or upgrade their home workspace in the coming year. A further 18% would opt for home working if their employer allowed them to.

The leading UK storage company found that the biggest cause of home working stress in 2020 was clutter and lack of storage (31%) with homeworkers unable to “pack away” work at the end of the day. Other stresses including noise and disruption (28%), broadband connection issues (28%) and lack of space (29%) were also listed as challenges that home workers plan to address in 2021.

It looks as if home renovations are on the cards in the first few months of 2021 as 16% are planning to convert their spare room, 15% plan to go even further and convert part of their home into a fully kitted out office environment, whilst a further 10% have ambitious plans to build a garden office. Upgrades to broadband and lighting are also in planning.

Simon Daggett, Head of Marketing at Access Self Storage says, “In 2020 home workers spent long enough at home to realise the benefits, but they also suffered from lack of space and disorganisation and this has inevitably had an impact on focus and productivity.

“Our research shows that many workers are planning to put this right with room renovations and better furniture, equipment and space. We’ve seen a rise in storage requests as homeowners reorganise their space and at Access, we are here to help.

“That’s why we have launched our very own free Home Office Guide to help home workers create their space perfect for their new working from home lifestyle.”

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