Three Challenges That Every Mumpreneur Must Overcome

Becoming a successful businesswoman while raising a family must be one of the toughest challenges you are ever likely to face. Most entrepreneurs struggle to manage just one business, so to do this while raising children and maintaining a strong spousal relationship is one hell of a task. In spite of this, mumpreneurship is on the rise and many mums are making waves, so how are they doing it? Managing your time effectively, staying motivated on all fronts and prioritising the important things in life are crucial to making this life work.

Time management

When faced with so many different tasks, how should a budding mumpreneur know what time to allocate for business and what to allocate for family? Naturally, this process is entirely relative; a crisis at work will obviously require more careful handling while a family emergency will keep the focus at home. For new mumpreneurs working from an individual idea or plan, it will take a lot of time to get things moving in the right direction. Yet when a new baby comes along or somebody falls ill, you are going to be needed elsewhere urgently. 

Technology has been a great benefit to working mums and this may have facilitated the popularity and success of the lifestyle. Today, businesswomen can work remotely as tutors, online vendors and digital media professionals from the comfort of their own homes. Devices rely only on a solid internet connection to handle all of our communications and this working method saves a huge amount of time and money that would otherwise be committed to travel. In the event that the mumpreneur is needed in a meeting, the FaceTime app and its alternatives allow mum to appear back home at a moment’s notice.


Work out your priorities

Many mums get into business and the sky’s the limit, but many just want to work to make ends meet on their own terms. Starting a family no longer means leaving work if this is unpalatable, so setting ground-rules about work and family-time is a good way to make sure that neither front is neglected.

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Seeing a professional business or financial adviser is a good way to determine how many hours may need to be worked in a week to meet your targets. It may also be useful to get the opinion of a spiritual adviser from a site like The Circle to ascertain the needs of your family and help make financial decisions. Moving forward, you are going to need all the help you can get from the local and digital community if you are to strike the right balance between parenthood and successful business ownership.


Stay motivated

Being self-employed and self-sufficient is important for professional development, morale and your cash flow. Many mums hate the idea of quitting work to be a full-time parent and need no motivation to carry on working. Some, though, will tire of going between two lives and may begin to unconsciously favour one or the other. 

Spending time with your family is essential to keep your relationship strong. Your spouse and children will be the ones backing you to succeed, not just relying on your income, so bearing this in mind can be a great motivator to hit even greater heights. 


Mumpreneurs are an inspiration to their families, colleagues and clients. It is a real challenge to balance a healthy home-life with the pressures of regular work and stay on top of everything. For the unprepared, it can lead to stress, fatigue and disillusionment, so be sure to enlist the help of the latest technology, professional advisers and your loved ones as you go.

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