Star Mum! Mumpreneur & former Strictly winner Abbey Clancy shares her tips for achieving a work life balance

Mum-of-three and businesswoman Abbey Clancy has recently launched her glamorous debut collection with Lipsy London. We caught up with her to find out how she juggles being a busy mum with having a successful career in fashion. She also talked female empowerment, where she finds inspiration and what keeps her motivated, her style inspiration, top tips to looking and feeling stylish as well as letting us in to a few of her beauty secrets! 

Q: Who inspired you the most as a female entrepreneur?

AC: Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham have done phenomenally. I also admire the Kardashians – you have to hand it to them, they’ve built an empire and have become remarkable businesswomen.


Q: How do you manage to stay balanced with being a mum and having a busy career?

AC: Having a baby, and becoming a mum is always a huge decision for a woman in business, it can often mean having to put your career on hold. Having my mum around really helps. I literally couldn’t do it without her, she helps me so much! I’m lucky enough that I don’t work every single day so I can pick and choose and then I can arrange the kids around that. The kids come first but it is important for me to work as it keeps my identity and my independence and I enjoy it!

Q: What is the best career advice that you have ever received that you want to pass on to London Mums?

AC: Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone! Never give up and follow your dreams. Have patience, if you believe in yourself you should never give up on it.You should do your best to try and make a difference, even if it’s only to your life. Make an effort- time flies and before you know it, it’s over.

Q: What do you think about the recent wave of female empowerment?

AC: I think it’s great and it’s about time! Home life is important to make my children feel empowered and raise them alongside my husband Peter in a happy home environment so that they can be as confident as possible and trust their instincts.


Q: What clothes would you choose to make you feel empowered?

AC: A tailored sharp power suit! My Lipsy London black tux suit is perfect for this. When it comes to colours that make me feel happy and fabulous, I say it’s all about black or nude! They’re my go to tones for feeling confident. 

Q: What’s your view on friendships?

AC: Friendships are key to helping me feel motivated and supported and I recognise that it is so important to have strong relationships with your friends – there’s certain things you might not want to tell your mum, or your husband and you do need your girlfriend’s advice.

Female friendships are great, as you can tell them anything and they won’t judge you, they’ll support you and help you out. I’m really lucky I have just that with my friends.

Q: What’s your main inspiration?

AC: The key to feeling inspired isbeing happy and feeling confident. I love to see people doing well, no matter what it is – whatever it is that makes them happy. I like feeding off good energy and good vibes and I love to see people doing well and that definitely inspires me as I think you can take a bit of their motivation and apply it to whatever you want to achieve.


Q: What are your top style tips for London Mums?

AC: Don’t just follow trends – stick to what suits you rather than what you think you should be wearing because everyone else is. Everybody is different! Rather than splurging on season-specific trend pieces, which have no guarantee of being long-term, you should buy classic pieces that can take you through different seasons and have a much longer style lifetime. Embrace your individuality, just because something is ‘on-trend’ doesn’t mean you should conform to it. Invest in classic pieces like a blazer, a biker jacket, a good pair of black boots or a handbag.

Q: What’s your style inspiration?

AC: I like that off-duty model look. I am a huge fan of Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely but love that off-duty casual style which is often rocked by some of the Victoria’s Secret models when they are travelling or enjoying themselves at a festival when they aren’t working. I do need some daytime pieces that women can wear for Sunday lunch or go for a walk in the park with the kids in, it’s important to get a balance.


Q: What are your beauty secrets?

AC: For when I’m on the move or off on holiday, I’m always keen to use products that hydrate my skin. I recommendfacemasks by Patchology, they hydrate the skin and are amazing for after flying. I like Skinceuticals ce ferulic serum as well.

For long-lasting coverage with make-up, mineral powders are always good, they stay on and you get good coverage and it also gives you that nice skin look rather than too much make up. You don’t have to keep topping up. A good booster for me is having a pamper night, I’ll take a nice bath, get my tan on, treatment in my hair and get an early night.


Abbey’s debut Lipsy X Abbey Clancy collection is available online now at

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