Spanish mumpreneurs

Spanish Mumpreneurs? Spanish women entrepreneurs- using Spanish to better your business is not all there is to it….

So here I am for the past three years giving my dream a go.

My background in Psychology, Social Work, Youth Work, supporting children with disabilities, Massage Therapy and now lots of Language Teaching. Oh the magic of languages!

I grew up bilingual (Spanish- English) and love both cultures as my own. I read once that what is amazing about living between cultures is that you can free yourself from the negatives of both! I love that thought even though I am not sure it is true… I am working on it.

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Anyway my family is Spanish so that is my mother tongue and it doesn’t matter how much I have attended English schools, university in the UK and lived in London for just as long as in Madrid, there are a few things I just CAN NOT DO using the English language, here they go:

Times tables or any mental calculation
Saying my family’s phone numbers
Speaking to animals
Speaking to babies.

The first two are obviously because I memorised them in one language and now can’t access them directly in the other. The two latter however I think are to do with what is closest to my heart. A language you grow up with becomes your ‘heart talk’- a language that pulls your heart strings.

So now that I have my own business talking to babies and children of all ages in Spanish I have found that this ‘heart talk’ comes in handy and I love it! Trying to help other children link Spanish to their hearts while they are young.

I love my job yet I find the daily grind very hard. Balancing work and being with my children- which was one of the main incentives for giving this a go- working on my own a lot but also making sure I am there to support the teachers and learn with them. Yet being far away from family and the support that provides.

And in the midst of all that here they came!! A group of Spanish women in London who are all on the same journey of trying to make this mum/business plan happen and make the most of the amazing things this city has to offer and trying to bring something back to it from our culture.

So now we have our monthly ‘heart talk’ sessions. We immediately link with something intimate through speaking the same language and sharing a culture. Patricia with her great website to inform parents where to go and what to do in London with kids, Pepa who takes time to choose all the amazing clothes we want our children to wear and brings them to us from Spain, Almudena who brings music to for children in Spanish, Inma who has recovered all she has learnt from her mother in terms of sewing, stitching, making and crafting for us to learn from her at the old school club.

How amazing to be able to get together and be inspired by all these women, all trying to create a life in London for their families, all with a passion to add something to this amazing city and all joint together by a language….. so in this case learning languages is not just about making a business successful but about the bonds you can build with people who share a straight link to your heart.

Aaaahhhhh languages………. Love them!

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