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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and in a post-lockdown world, it feels like we’re more aware than ever of the fact that mental well-being is exceptionally important – especially in the workplace, where stress, anxiety and burnouts can be a regular occurrence for all of us. 

Nowadays, it’s not enough for companies to just respond to burnouts when they happen; we need to work to create an environment in which everyone feels supported and respected at work, to ensure that staff are as healthy and happy as can be. Employee recognition software experts Mo have outlined some of the ways your boss can level up their employee well-being game, by incorporating different activities and support systems into the workplace. We highly recommend sharing these workplace well-being tips with your boss!

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Create Spaces for Mental and Physical Wellness

Companies are increasingly understanding the value of offering areas that encourage physical and mental health. Consider a workplace with peaceful meditation rooms, colourful spaces for creative thinking, and, if space allows perhaps a small garden where staff can relax and care for plants during breaks. These areas provide an escape from the high-energy demands of the workplace, allowing employees to reset and refresh.

Workplace Activities That Promote Wellbeing

Organising frequent team-building events that emphasise relaxation and enjoyment rather than competitiveness can significantly boost workplace morale. Group yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, and even cooking lessons not only teach skills, but they also promote mental health by lowering stress and cultivating a sense of community.

Support Systems That Matter

Access to inclusive mental health resources is essential. Many businesses are increasingly collaborating with wellness professionals to offer on-site counselling services and stress management and resilience courses. These programs ensure that employees have fast access to the assistance they require, when they need it.

Encourage Open Conversations

It is essential that we promote an open dialogue culture within the workplace, in which mental health is discussed openly alongside physical health. Companies are now holding frequent “mental health check-ins” where employees can express their emotions and challenges in a friendly setting. This openness helps to de-stigmatize mental health issues and encourages employees to seek help without fear of being judged.

Flexible Work

Adapting work practices to meet the requirements of employees is another step toward promoting well-being. Flexible working hours, the flexibility to work from home, and ‘duvet days’ enable individuals to work in ways that best meet their health needs. These policies understand that human well-being has a direct impact on workplace productivity and happiness.

Empowering through Training

Managers must be trained to recognise indicators of mental distress and respond to such circumstances with sensitivity. Taking training sessions from mental health organisations such as Mind, which cover subjects ranging from spotting distress signs to building supportive settings, enables leaders to act deliberately and responsibly.

Looking Ahead

Creating a workplace that truly promotes mental and physical health is an investment in the company’s future. It focusses on building the foundation for employees to not only survive, but thrive. The advantages of making such an investment are obvious: higher employee happiness, increased innovation, and a more lively, engaged staff.

Let this Mental Health Awareness Week be a turning point for your company. Show this article to your supervisor, discuss the ideas, and take actionable steps to change your workplace into a haven of wellness!

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