Secretary Poem for fed up women

This one is for the girls. I created this painting and poem well over 20 years ago. The painting is based on me. I used to have blonde hair, long story, but not when I painted this painting. Anyway as you can see I wanted to tell my boss where he could stick his pot of tea.

Trapped in the City Painting and Poem – now I have a Mums’ network (London Mums Rock!)

Trapped in the City

From 9 till 5

Nothing or no one

Really seems alive

All acting like robots

With no means to survive

Not even the pay

Brings a glint to our eyes

Trapped in a world Of high taxes

And low pay

Is it any wonder

We long for another day

Mummy, are you having breakfast with me? Yes, of course sweetie. So forgive me not going into more detail. You can read more on my old blog. But from now on I will be concentrating on teamwork with London Mums and hopefully get something off the ground for Welsh Mums.  Come on girls tell him to do his own ironing we do enough! And London Mums will be taking over the Internet because they are the ones with the heart that really want to help us Mums get back on our feet.


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