Choosing your way forward: Returning to work after having children (by Anne Miller)

Leading Greatvine Life Coaching expert Anne Miller explains how effective life coaching could help mothers who are thinking of returning to work.

When we’ve taken time out to look after our children, the prospect of going back to work is not always an easy one, even if it’s what we want to do!

Confidence is most likely an issue for us: Having had our heads in baby land for some time, switching our focus to work is quite an effort. And when we do, we are often hit by scary thoughts; “What if it’s all changed?” “What if I’m not taken seriously?” “How can I get back home in time?”…..The list is a long one!

Then there is the strong possibility that our priorities might have changed. Work has to find its new place in our lives, since children are now occupying a significant part of it.

Many women struggle at this time of contemplating returning and feel frustrated that their options are so limited, each possibility seeming to involve obstacles that are insurmountable.

Certainly this is a time of change and one that throws up a lot of uncertainties and questions. It is also a time of opportunity. For many of us it is a chance to explore ideas and options, maybe change direction or pursue that dream that has been in our minds for some time, but we have never taken seriously before.

Given the practical problems of child care, the not-so flexible approach of many employers and the autonomy that we may have been enjoying during this period of looking after our children, it is not a surprise that many women consider starting their own business. Indeed, many successful businesses have been created by first ceasing this opportunity.

If you are struggling with the issue of returning to work, you’ll be glad to know there is help out there. Anne Miller is a mother of three and an experienced Life Coach working with mothers in your situation.

Life Coaching is a process to help you get clear about your options, raise your confidence and help you make choices that will lead you to a balanced and fulfilling life. You will need to have a few of sessions, (about 6) in which you take a holistic look at your life, identify your values and decide steps towards your goals. With Life Coaching the agenda and pace is yours and there is no judgement or advice. Anne will ask you questions that help open up your way of thinking and get you unstuck, raising your self awareness and empowering you to move forward in the way you choose.

Anne says” When we have a decision to make we often find it hard to progress because we tend to focus on the obstacles we see in the way. Working with a Life Coach helps us focus on the possibilities and explore them more freely. With clarity about what we really want we are better placed to work on the obstacles, which surprisingly seem much more manageable or sometimes even just melt away.”

To speak with Anne for individual expert advice on childbirth and having the best birth possible in a hospital, call her on 0905 675 4615 or view her profile.

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