Property Renovation: How to Find the Right Builder

Property renovation and home design is once again on the rise. Inspired by the likes of Sarah Beeny, Kevin McCloud, and Phil and Kirstie, more homeowners are taking on ‘project properties’, upgrading what they already own, or sourcing the web for inspiration and ideas. However, to ensure the reality of your dream home, it is essential to find the right building team. No easy feat, right? Here are some top tips from a professional in the building trade to help you on your way.

  • Just like choosing a good restaurant, you should speak first to friends, colleagues or neighbours. A personal reference is the best recommendation.


  • Ensure the builder is competent in the various trades required for your renovations, such as electrics, plumbing and carpentry.


  • Obtain a detailed, itemized quote, making sure all building materials are included.


  • Always request a fresh reference from the company and ask to see one of the builder’s recent works.


  • Request a written agreement between yourself and the building company before any work commences. Make sure the agreement includes the price, start date and anticipated length of the project.


  • Make sure the building company has valid public liability insurance.


  • Never pay the full amount in advance. Arrange to pay in instalments, reflecting the progress of the project.


  • If you’re happy with your builder, offer to act as a referral and let him/her show the finished work to prospective clients.


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