Photo story! Essex house wrapped in £50 notes totalling £12 billion – Tips on saving money!

A semi-detached house and family car in Hornchurch, Essex, received the ultimate big-money makeover yesterday to highlight the amount of savings UK households could make – totalling over £12 billion – when comparing prices online and switching to the cheapest deal.

Figures from price comparison site,, show that UK households could save over £465 each year on average on their domestic household bills including £145.33 on car insurance.

Customers who saved with Argos car insurance comparison service between 1 January and 30 April 2011 achieved a saving of £145.33 on average, with 50% achieving savings of £75.84 or more. These savings are based on the cheapest quote returned by Argos search engine compared to the renewal price provided by the customer £220.17 on gas and electricity bills.

With 26 million households in the UK Office for National Statistic, Statistical Bulletin, 14th April 2011, this would amount to a jaw dropping £12billion worth of savings per year.

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A semi-detached house was covered in £12billion of look-a-like fifty pound notes to show how much money could be saved annually on domestic household bills nationwide by using

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