My tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

If you have been in London this past week, you cannot have missed the exciting vibe in town mixed of commotion, tears and joy. It’s not important whether you are a Royalist or not. What matters is being part of this historic moment in which people come together to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II but primarily a woman who is respected by everybody for her integrity, dignity, strength and resilience. Queen Elizabeth II is not just a symbol of a monarchy that might be perceived anachronistic at times, but mainly a model for modern women.

Queen Elizabeth II as a model for independent women 

It is not coincidental that feminism was born in Great Britain. In this country you breathe a strong sense of ‘girl power’ backed by the growing number of independent women and entrepreneurs.
Through my London Mums magazine I have had the honour, over the past 16 years, to interview many of these women trying to channel this exact spirit. 

Floral Tributes at Green Park 

I am happy to have gone through my own 7 hour ‘pilgrimage’ yesterday afternoon into the late evening not in the Queue but around the key locations to meet mourners and to watch the beautiful floral displays at and around Green Park and Buckingham Palace. 
I felt exhausted and drained in the end but happy and full of joy for knowing that the world I live in is full of amazing human beings. People often talk about the ‘coldness’ of Brits. I challenge those who believe that to go around London these days and watch for themselves the unimaginable display of love and humanity that British people are capable of.
Touching. Powerful. If this is the legacy of a woman then I join in in saying ‘Thank You Her Majesty’ and ‘God save the King’ 
My Winter magazine issue will be a homage to Queen Elizabeth II. A collectable edition. Watch this space. Reserve your copy! 

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