Mumpreneurs’ tips to boost your startup’s marketing strategy

When launching a startup as a mumpreneur, there are naturally many different challenges that you must overcome. Nonetheless, a strong marketing strategy should be considered one of the most important aspects. After all, success in other areas of the venture will be rendered redundant if you do not achieve a steady flow of customers.

To achieve startup’s marketing success in today’s climate, it’s vital that you build a comprehensive and consistent strategy. Focus on the following features, and you won’t go far wrong.


Build your brand image

Before worrying too much about making people aware of your brand, you must be clear on its intended positioning.

Knowing your niche, as well as whether you plan to be a budget-friendly or premium brand, will guide all future key marketing decisions. Once your brand positioning is clear, you need to ensure your visuals match your message. You can easily resize your images with Adobe Express, your all-in-one AI content creation app. Find out more on how to instantly change the dimensions of any image for social media, print and web.

A clear vision will allow you to choose the right colour schemes, design quality flyers, and build a great website. You will also find it far easier to master the logo creation process and select the right tone of voice for all future marketing campaigns. Even if this means hiring outside help to complete the graphic design and other key features. 

It is the foundation for future success, not least because it helps streamline thought processes to save time and money in the long run. Crucially, employees and clients alike will find it easier to connect with the brand and understand what the startup stands for. 


Establish an online presence

In today’s climate, a strong online presence is pivotal. Even if your startup is a local venture, consumers actively turn to social media when looking for specific products and services in the area. Increased visibility will subsequently lead to more offline traffic as well as online.

Given the influence of search engines for eCommerce and local business, building a strong SEO presence is vital. Moreover, you should find that social media pages are a great way to gain increased brand awareness with your target audience. Many will also equate a strong presence with professionalism and trust. It also opens the door to cheap ad campaigns.

For the best results, you will need to focus on PPC ad campaigns and other ways to get your name out there too. When used to supplement traditional marketing and a clear brand image, the impact on your sales figures will be huge. 


Create content

It may sound like a cliche, but content is king for a modern startup. When done well, campaigns of this nature don’t just build awareness. They give insights into the people behind the brand. They also engage audiences without promoting specific products.

Video content and audio content are particularly popular solutions right now. The message will be remembered by the user while content like explainer videos highlight the value of a product. Utilizing an online video editor can further enhance the impact of these videos, allowing for seamless editing and customization. Once users can see how a product solves their consumer pain points through engaging visuals crafted with an online video editor, the chances of gaining a sale are greatly increased. It also develops a stronger connection to the brand.

Email marketing streams are another valuable tool. They can be personalised to the user and automated to send a stream of content that gradually moves them along the path to conversion. It is truly a mumpreneur’s best friend, not least when you collect data too.


Invest in your team


As a mumpreneur, you will quickly realise that running a business is too much for one pair of hands. Not least when you also have to juggle parenthood and other life commitments. Building a strong workforce is essential for productivity. But it also aids marketing efforts.

Most consumers now require multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. Ultimately, most client interactions will be handled by your employees. Investing in their sales techniques as well as their understanding of the brand and its products should pay dividends. It’ll also allow you to inform teams about what products should be promoted.

A strong sales team will also boost marketing efforts by identifying upselling opportunities. Even if you have a home-based firm supported by remote employees, finding candidates that represent the brand in the right way is vital.


Develop human connections

The importance of your workforce highlights the value of people. When dealing with your customers, it’s imperative that you focus on building human connections. By making this a priority at every stage of the journey, you’ll win more new clients and enjoy long-term loyalty.

With this in mind, it makes sense to create a closer relationship between marketing, sales, and customer support. Aside from developing greater consistency across the venture, it improves the consumer experience. Given that most are happy to pay more for a better CX, this is one of the best moves you’ll ever make. It will promote long-term success.

Investing in customer care facilities like chatbots can be very useful. Meanwhile, adding loyalty schemes and running VIP events for loyal customers can work wonders. Provide a sense of added value, and the rewards will be plentiful. 


Embrace the power of social proof

Developing strong internal marketing strategies is vital for any business. However, most consumers will conduct research into the company to confirm its reliability. As such, the power of social proof is stronger than ever, especially for relatively new ventures. 

You can tap into this via various methods. Customer reviews and testimonials are particularly useful. The unbiased views can help build trust, not least because new leads will see that your startup has helped people like them. Frankly, hearing others talk about the company in glowing terms has a far bigger impact than your internal ad campaigns.

It is often the feature that will get a sale over the line. As well as recommendations from existing clients, social media influencers can serve you well. They’ll promote your products to a defined audience in an engaging way that makes consumers take action.


The final word

A strong startup’s marketing strategy won’t guarantee success on its own. You still need the right products and services to thrive. Nonetheless, building awareness and engagement will give you a stronger platform to build upon.

You now understand how to make marketing work as a mumpreneur. Be sure that all campaigns are aligned with your objectives and you will be set for success.

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