Mumpreneur’s testimonial: Five minutes chat with inspiring paediatrician & mumpreneur Dr Anastasia Alcock

Five minutes chat with inspiring paediatrician & mumpreneur Dr Anastasia Alcock from London.

Anastasia and Emily (4y) and Olly (7y)

What is your favourite London activity?

My children Oliver (7) and Emily (4), love visiting the London Aquarium. They both love gazing at the fish and challenging each other to find the biggest, scariest or ugliest fish! But for them, getting hands-on and picking up and stroking the various creatures in the touch pools, is the best bit. They think it’s very funny to see me trying very hard to look brave joining in when they know that really I’m quite squeamish of fish and sea creatures! To top it all off you can then go for a wander down the South Bank and watch the street entertainers and go for a bite to eat – it’s a brilliant day out.

Which is the family friendliest venue you have been to?

Hmmmmm this is tricky as it often depends on the age of your children, but the Wetlands Centre in Barnes does a great job of being family friendly. They organise activities for all ages of children. Watching the otters, and pond-dipping have always been popular with my two and the children’s playground is really good. The café is great too and has seating outside, so no need to pack a lunch or tea if you don’t want to. They also provide lots of well facilitated loos.

What are the challenges of being a Mum in London?

I guess I have two main challenges; trying to find a day out with the children without spending a small fortune and secondly getting around London with pushchairs and all the children’s baggage without getting worn out and stressed! I find that being prepared really helps – it is always worth bringing that extra nappy or change of clothing just in case!

Anastasia and Emily (4y)

What is your single most important piece of advice to other London Mums?

Don’t try to fit too much into your days around London with the children – keep it simple.

Where is your favourite holiday destination with the children?

We’ve travelled a lot as a family so I asked the children to help me with this one and we narrowed it down to two places, one in the UK and one abroad! In the UK we love going down to Cornwall – the beaches, the walks and the hours of fun to be had cycling around. Abroad we had a fabulous time in Jordan. There are so many fabulous experiences to be had from floating in the Dead Sea to camping with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum, wandering around Petra and relaxing in the beachside hotel in Aqaba.

What are the benefits being a Mumpreneur?

It has to be the flexible working hours with the opportunity to meet fun new people. Meeting new people is the part that I love the best in my work running private prenatal classes. Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is such a special time for a couple and I feel very privileged to be part of that.

What is the biggest challenge of working as a Mumpreneur?

Fitting everything in is definitely the biggest challenge although it is easier now both children are at school. Getting the right balance between family time and time at work is much more achievable with flexible working hours.



Anastasia set up The Prenatal Classroom. Through group or private lessons the classes aim to equip expectant parents with the knowledge they need to approach parenthood with confidence.

Since graduating from Imperial College School of Medicine, London she has worked as a paediatrician in hospitals including Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, The Royal Brompton Hospital, London and the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. She has a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and significant experience within both delivery and newborn care.

The course was put together based on Anastasia’s medical knowledge, her own experiences as a mother, and additional input from experts in nutrition, breastfeeding, baby care and the psychological wellbeing of pregnant women and new mothers.

Classes are held in West London and Oxford and are delivered by Anastasia or her colleague Dr Clara Thompson. They are run either privately or as a group programme of four sessions (couples or women only with the option of an extra class for the men). Alternatively, private classes can be arranged at a time and location which suits you.

The classes are relaxed in style, but have a clear format.
If you want to get in touch with Anastasia check her website, or check her Facebook page

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